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Trendy Inverted Bob Haircut Styles with Images to Suit Every Face Shape

Are you looking for a refreshing new look for your short hair? An inverted bob haircut may be the answer. Bob haircuts have always been quite popular for women because they give volume. An inverted bob haircut is a bit different from the traditional A-line bob haircut. It features long strands of hair in the front and short strands at the back. The stacked layers of this haircut make it different from the other types of bobs.

The haircut accentuates your features. It can widen your face or make it look longer depending on how your hair is cut. The asymmetrical shape of the haircut also gives a contemporary look and so, is great if you want to refresh your look.

How to Select the Best Inverted Bob Haircut?

The best way to select a suitable inverted bob for yourself is to talk to your hairstylist. They will be able to tell you the best haircut based on your hair type, face shape, and personal preference. Generally, choose one which accentuates your flattering features and frames your face. For example, you can get an inverted bob with bangs to accentuate your eyes. 

If you have fine hair, go for a steep inverted bob for more volume. You can also opt for a short haircut so that your hair appears thicker. For thick hair, you opt for an inverted bob with layers to give texture. 

You can also talk to your stylist for adding extra layers or bangs to your chosen haircut. 

How to Maintain and Style an Inverted Bob Haircut?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to maintain the look of your inverted bob.

    • For maintaining the look, get your hair trimmed at least once in six weeks. Otherwise, your hair will grow out and the haircut won’t look fresh.
    • Inverted bobs look best on straight and smooth hair. Apply serum on wet hair to smooth them out. This will make it easier to style.
    • If you have layers, invest in a good round brush and blow dryer. This will allow you to style your hair easily especially if you have wavy hair.
    • Shampoo your hair twice or thrice weekly and moisturize them well or they will get dry. Your haircut won’t look cute on dry hair.

There are many different types of inverted bob haircuts to suit different hair types and face shapes. You can add layers and bangs to this hair cut or go for variation in length at the tips only. The hair at the back is always short while the length of the hair at the sides and front can be varied to suit your preference.

List of Best Inverted Bob Haircut Styles

To help you determine the best-inverted bob for yourself, we have listed some popular variations of this haircut below.

#1 Long Inverted Bob

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If you don’t want to let go of your long looks, opt for this haircut. The long inverted bob haircut gives you short hair at the back with the front length being the same as before. This will add texture to your hair and give it volume plus bounce. You can get the strands at the front chopped off when you are ready for shorter hair.

#2 Short Inverted Bob

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This is a good pick among short haircuts. A short inverted bob can be tailored to suit your particular face shape. For a more girly charm, add bangs to this haircut.

#3 Medium Inverted Bob

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Medium length haircuts give a more feminine look than short ones. You can opt for shoulder length hair at the front and shorter hair at the back for a sharp look.

#4 Stacked Inverted Bob

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Although all inverted bobs have stacked layers at the back, they are more prominent in the stacked inverted bob. It gives a sharp and sophisticated look. You can add more stacked layers or keep them less based on your preference. It is a great option if you want to keep your hair short.

#5 Choppy Inverted Bob

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This variation gives a futuristic look and resembles a pixie cut. This modern hairstyle looks edgy yet chic. It is appropriate for young women. This haircut will look good on oval and round faces as its prominent dimensions help in framing the face. You can style your hair very easily with the choppy inverted bob to get a casual look.

#6 Inverted Bob with Shaved Nape

Go for this haircut if you want something unique and modern. It has rounded edges with a steep angle from back to front. It gives a casual but intense look and is great for women who are bold and don’t shy away from experimenting with their hair.

#7 Steep Inverted Bob

This inverted bob haircut makes your face look longer and thinner and so, is perfect for those with round faces. It is also good for those with fine hair as it adds volume. This haircut looks best on straight hair.

#8 Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

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This haircut features uneven length on the front so that hair on one side appears longer than the other. This looks cool and impressive. Plus, it’s low-maintenance. This haircut is great for women in their 20s or 30s.

#9 Wispy Inverted Bob

This haircut makes your hair look more voluminous due to the wavy texture and blurred edges. The layers are disconnected to give a soft casual look. This hairstyle suits angular faces.

#10 Mild Inverted Bob

This is similar to A-line bob but has a bit longer strands in the front than the back. If you are not ready to experiment with a more edgy inverted bob, go for this haircut and play it safe.

#11 Layered Inverted Bob

A layered inverted bob looks casual and modern. For thick hair, you can get extra layers for some movement and texture. You can also add some contrasting highlights for a more dramatic look.

#12 Inverted Bob with Bangs

This haircut has a vintage charm with its choppy layers and bangs. The bangs will also accentuate your eyes. Having an inverted bob with bangs is also suitable if you have a large forehead as it will make the forehead appear smaller.

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