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Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Comparison

Gel Nail Extensions VS Acrylic Nail Extensions

Gel nails extensions and acrylic nails extensions are one of the most fashionable types of artificial nail enhancements. You can use them as an alternative to natural nails if you don’t have long natural nails. When it comes to natural nails, then a glossy surface look won’t be present on them. But in the case of Acrylic and Gel Nails, the surface of your nails will look brighter, glossy, and astonishing in looks. There can be different color types in both these nail extensions and an example could be an ombre nail color.

On the other hand, the acrylic nails are more in demand as compared to the gel nails because acrylic nails are more-strong and durable in construction. In this article, you are going to read the review of acrylic nails and gel nails. So, if you want to enhance the looking of your hands, then read this article carefully.

Gel Nail Extensions VS Acrylic Nail Extensions

ComparisonAcrylic Nail ExtensionsGel Nail Extensions
What are they called?Acrylic nails are known as artificial nail enhancementsGel Nails are also kind of Artificial Nail Enhancements.
LooksAlthough they may seem less glossy and natural than that of Gel Nails, they are sturdy. If you apply them incorrectly, then it may look unnatural.Gel Nails are more glossy, apparent, and natural nails as compared to Acrylic Nails. As they are lustrous, therefore, you can manicure them for almost 14-15 days.
PriceThey are cheaper than gel nails.Their starting rate is $25, and it goes to even $100 or more (according to the design). Plus, the manicure charges are additional.
Corrosive effect If you apply them in a correct way on your fingers, then the primers won’t damage or etch the nail bed. But you need to take care of the skin contact. Don’t let the nails to touch your skin to avoid allergic reactions.They can be applied without the base of primer or base. In this category of artificial nails, the salon’s bars will apply a non-acid primer to connect the gel to the nail. Moreover, the gel nails won’t affect the nail bed.
Durability effectAs they are ready-made nails, therefore, they will last longer than that of Gel Nails.The Gel Nails lasts for almost 14-15 days.
Techniques for CuringThe curing time of acrylic nails is slower as compared to the gel nails. A particular type of acrylic powder and liquid is applied on the nail surface and real nail.It has fast curing. Most types of gel names are cured under ultra-violet light. Apart from UV, you can also cure them with gel activator.


EffectsIf you use them incorrectly, then it may be dangerous for the nail bed. It will leave a typical impression on the real nail surface. The prolonged water exposure will also result in a severe type of fungal infection.Gel nails don’t produce any severe type of adverse effects. But its wrong use can affect nail beds. Like acrylic nails, its prolonged exposure to water may be dangerous as it can produce fungal infection.
Range You can’t get much variety in acrylic nails. Only 10-12 designs are there in it because of material texture.There are many varieties of gel nails. Some popular ones are, Gelish (141 colors), Essie (36 colors), OPI (71 colors).
FlexibilityThey are the hard type of artificial nails with robust texture.They are flexible artificial nails. But not flexible than that of natural nails.

The Durability and Appearance of Acrylic VS Gel Nail Extension

We know that the gel nails are superior over the acrylic nails because of many things. The first thing is its appearance. They are one of the best options that you can pick when it comes to artificial nails. They will enhance the look of your hand by giving you glossy and natural nails.

On the other hand, the gel nails are highly durable and flexible than that of acrylic nails. The acrylic nails are strong and sturdy, and they will last longer if you accurately apply them. In short, you can choose gel nails over the acrylic nails when it comes to a more magnificent appearance, flexibility, and durability.

How to Remove Nail Extensions?

The removal process of both acrylic nails and gel nails is quite easy. You need to soak the nails rather than picking them off the nail bed. In this way, the nails can be easily removed without giving any side effects or allergy to your nails. It is also the most proper and easy technique for removing artificial nails.

Is Acrylic Nail Extension Cheaper than Gel Nail Extension?

As the Acrylic nails are not glossy and brighter in looks; therefore, they are cheaper than the gel nails. But in case of flexibility and durability, you must choose gel nails.

The flexibility of Acrylic Vs Gel Nail Extension

The acrylic nails are usually harder, thicker, and sturdy. If you apply any pressure on them, then you may result in hurting your original nail. On the other hand, the gel nails are flexible, and they won’t give you any pains. So, whenever you go to a spa and saloons, you need to choose gel nails.

Comfortability of Acrylic Vs Gel Nail Extension

Most of the people choose gel nails over the acrylic nails. The primary issue with the acrylic nails is their uneasiness factor. People feel a lot of pain when acrylic fingernail touches the nail bed. On the other hand, the gel nails are made from gel; therefore, they won’t hurt your nail bed.

Side effects comparison of Acrylic Vs Gel Nail Extension

After the result of the acrylic nail is worse than that of gel nails. They can cause severe damage to the nail bed while leaving the impressions on the original nails. If you keep them for a long time in the water, then fungal issues are also there.

When it comes to the gel nails, then you will be glad to know that they won’t leave any hard impressions. Thus, the issue of fungal infection and the hurting of the nail bed decreases. So, whenever you will go to the saloons for nail enhancement, then choosing gel nails will be an excellent option to pick. Apart from their quality, there are various designs in gel nails.

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