If you haven’t noticed, Aldi, the popular retail store, is a bit keen on what her employees wear. The workers at Aldi follow a patterned dress code.

Employees are expected to wear the Aldi crested polo (usually provided by the store) and a solid color bottom to create a professional look. Black leggings are solid-colored pants, so can you wear black leggings at Aldi?

Some Aldi outlets allow wearing black leggings while some do not.

Basically, whether you are allowed to wear black leggings or not at Aldi is a store-by-store thing. But what I do know is that the official dress code at Aldi is the Aldi vest, jean pants, or any other solid-colored pants and preferably steel-toed shoes.

We will talk more about Aldi’s dress code later in the article, continue reading.

What Is the Dress Code at Aldi?

By now everybody knows Aldi has a dress code. The official Aldi dress code is a work shirt and jacket provided for you by the store, this is what everybody wears in order to create a uniform professional look.

For bottoms,  employees must wear jeans pants, or solid-colored pants as an alternative, and a pair of tan trousers for summer. They are to ensure the pants are basic with no extra attachments.

For footwear, wear black or brown non-slip shoes, preferably steel-toed. Basically, the dress code is to ensure the staff’s safety while they are professionally and smartly dressed. I must say the uniformity gives a cool vibe whenever I step into any of the Aldi outlets.

Meanwhile, have it at the back of your mind that the only thing Aldi will provide for you is the vest, every other thing ranging from pants to shoes will be sorted by each employee.

If you are a lover of bling then you might have to hold-on on to that till past working hours as excessive jewelry is not allowed at Aldi. Also, your tag name must be on at all times

What Should I Wear on First Day at Aldi?

Since it is your first day you probably don’t have the crested vest yet. I will advise you to wear any neat casual wear, pending the time you are handed a company shirt. Make sure not to wear ripped pants, keep jewelry simple, and avoid elaborate hair color.

Can Aldi Workers Wear Tattoos?

Yes, Aldi workers can wear tattoos. There is no rule against tattoos at Aldi. In fact, it is almost impossible for Aldi employees to hide arm tattoos considering they wear short-sleeved polo at work. Now you know you can work at Aldi regardless of your tattoos in case you have been bothered about it.

However, neck and face tattoos are not allowed, and if you already have them you are expected to keep them discreet while at Aldi. Apart from the neck and face tattoos, every other visible body tattoo should be concealed in order not to upset customers and other workers.

So, if you are thinking of getting tattoos as an Aldi employee, consider getting it done at the less conspicuous part of your body like above the waistline and below the neckline. You can also get hand tattoos since you can easily cover them up with gloves.

In all, every visible tattoo must not be considered offensive by the managers. Also, every tattoo with sexual, or political inscriptions must be concealed while in the store.

Can Aldi Employees Dye Their Hair Into Bright Color?

Although nothing against bright hair dye color is expressly stated in the employee dress code. However, it’s a sure bet that Aldi might have a reservation for bright-colored hair. Aldi’s dress code is minimal and casual, bright hair color will definitely throw the dress code off balance.

On a lighter note, some workers from Aldi have testified to the fact that they work at Aldi with bright hair color while some argued vehemently that bright hair color is not allowed at their own branch. What I can say to that is that they are all right. Judgment on bright color hair varies from store to store.

What I deduced from the discrepancy is that Aldi stores in small towns are often conservative and traditional when it comes to bright hair color, they are openly against it. While city stores mostly care less about the colors employees decide to use on their hair.

So, in my opinion, I’ll suggest you find out what your branch wants and operate by the rule if you truly want to keep your job.

Can You Wear Shorts at Aldi?

Yes, you can wear shorts at Aldi. it is not expressly permissible for workers to wear shorts but I haven’t seen any employee getting laid off on that note. It gets really hot during summer and you can’t blame them for seeking comfort, and I think Aldi’s management understands this too.

While workers can wear shorts if they see fit, they should ensure they don’t deviate from Aldi’s conservative image. Note, keep it simple, and neat and most importantly the shorts must not be ripped.

Are Aldi’s Employees Permitted to Wear Earrings?

Yes, of course, Aldi’s employees are allowed to wear earrings and jewelry in general. However, remember that Aldi is quite conservative when it comes to the appearance of its employees. Therefore, stick to less flamboyant earrings, instead, wear studs and small hoop earrings.

Big earrings can easily get caught on something which could lead to injury. keeping to the rules will equally keep you away from harm’s way. Small and simple earrings are less likely to cause distraction among coworkers and customers.

In all, wearing simple jewelry will keep employees safe from work hazards and at the same time create a professional look.


Aldi has no rule against black leggings. However, they have a dress code in employees must follow. In all, Aldi is pretty conservative when it comes to the appearance of its employees. Consider not flouting their rules, stick to solid colors and avoid ripped pants. If you want to work at Aldi you might need to ditch your large earrings and other elaborate jewelry.

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