Mascara is an essential part of any makeup routine, and with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Clear and black mascara are popular choices, but they serve different purposes and achieve different looks. So, clear mascara vs. black mascara.

The main difference between clear and black mascara is the color. Clear mascara is used to separate and define lashes without adding color, while black mascara is used to darken and enhance the appearance of lashes. Clear mascara is often used as a top coat to set and add shine to colored mascara, while black mascara is typically used as the primary product to enhance the appearance of lashes.

How to Style Clear Mascara

You can style your clear mascara in the following ways:

1. As a lash primer

Apply the clear mascara at the base of your lashes, close to your lash line. You want to apply it before you put on your other eye makeup so that it sets before you do anything else with your eye area. Use short strokes on each lash, and do not pull outwards when applying the product on them, as this can cause breakage of your natural lashes over time.

2. As a brow gel

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Apply clear mascara to your brows after brushing them up, and hold the brush vertically so it doesn’t get on your skin or your eyes. Then run the wand horizontally down the length of your brows, going back and forth until you feel you have enough product. This will keep them in place all day, and if you want to add more definition to your eyebrows, go ahead and use some powder over the top of that.

Benefits of Clear Mascara

The benefits of using this type of mascara include the following:

1. It is a great choice for thin lashes

Clear mascara is a great choice for thin, short eyelashes. It gives them some shape and volume without making them look fake. It also makes your eyelashes more noticeable when you apply it on top of your regular mascara.

2. It does not irritate the skin

Clear mascara does not irritate the eye and skin when properly applied and does not cause any allergies or redness because it contains no harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on sensitive eyes, and contact lens wearers can use it, too, since there are no preservatives in the product.

3. It is perfect for everyday use

Clear mascara is perfect for everyday use and special occasions such as weddings, parties, proms, and other special events. It does not smudge easily or run down your face like other mascara.

4. It can be used on its own or as a base coat

Clear mascara can be used independently or as a base coat underneath colored varieties. This gives you more control over the intensity of your look. You can apply more layers without worrying about clumping or flaking if you don’t like the result after one application. If you’re using clear mascara simply as a base coat, try applying two coats before applying any colored variety on top for maximum results.

5. It’s a great way to highlight your natural lashes

Mascara is great for accentuating your natural lashes, but if you want a more subtle look, it can be hard to find a mascara that doesn’t give you clumpy lashes. Clear mascara solves this problem by allowing you to see exactly where you apply the product to avoid clumping.

How to Style Black Mascara

There are many ways to style black mascara. The trick is to find a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular ways to wear black mascara:

1. The classic look

The Classic mascara Look

This is the simplest of all looks, but it’s also one of the most elegant. To create this look, apply one coat of black mascara on your upper lashes and another on your lower lashes. You can also use colored mascara to add color to your eyes without using eye shadow or eyeliner. To make it more dramatic, use two coats instead of one on each eye.

2. The smoky look

The Smoky mascara Look

This look is perfect for going out at night or looking great during the day. A smoky look involves using two coats of black mascara and applying them carefully so they don’t clump together too much or get too messy looking. When applying this type of mascara, try not to go overboard with it; add enough to see where it ends and where your natural lashes begin.

3. The bold look

The Bold Look

This is the easiest way to wear black mascara. Simply apply it all over your lashes, including the waterline, and you’re done. You can use a lash curler if you want even more drama. This look works best with long lashes curled with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. If you don’t have long lashes, this is still a great option because it makes them appear longer and fuller.

4. The natural look

The Natural Mascara Look

A little bit easier than the bold look is the natural look. To get this effect, apply one coat of black mascara to your upper lashes, leaving your lower ones bare. You can also apply some brown shadow on your lower lids to add definition if you want more definition between your upper and lower lids.

Benefits of Black Mascara

Here are some of the benefits of black mascara:

1. It can make your eyes look larger

Applying it to your lashes makes them appear thicker and fuller, making your eyes look bigger than they are. This is especially true if you use an eyelash curler before applying the product and hold it in place for a few seconds, as this helps to curl your lashes upwards.

2. It can help hide dark circles

Black mascara can help hide any dark circles under your eyes by making them appear darker. This can make you look more awake and alert even when you’re tired and not feeling well.

A thick layer of black mascara is often enough to cover up any dark circles around the eye area because it’s so dark in color compared to the skin tone surrounding it. It can also help mask any redness that occurs after crying or overusing other forms of makeup products on these areas around your face.

3. It can be used as an alternative to eyeliner.

You may not know this, but black mascara is a great alternative to eyeliner. If you don’t want to put on eye shadow or liner, apply black mascara on your upper lash line, and you’re good to go. The color will perfectly complement your eye color and make your eyes pop.

4. It makes your lashes look longer and fuller

One of the biggest benefits of black mascara is that it makes your lashes appear longer and fuller. You must apply several coats on each lash and brush them out afterward until they look amazing. You’ll love how dramatic it makes your eyes look.

5. It goes well with other colors

Black mascara goes well with black eyeliner and works great with brown, blue, purple, and green eyeshadows as long as you don’t overdo it. It can look very natural if you use just a little black mascara along your top lashes or even just on your bottom ones if you’re going for an evening out on the town.

How to Choose the Right Mascara

When choosing the right mascara, there are a few key factors to consider.

First, consider your natural lash color. If you have very light lashes, black mascara may be too harsh and could make your eyes appear smaller. Clear mascara, however, can help enhance your natural lash color without darkening them.

Next, think about the look you want to achieve. Black mascara is great for creating a dramatic, bold look, while clear mascara is perfect for a more natural, subtle look. Clear mascara is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to enhance your lashes without darkening them. If you’re looking for a way to make your lashes look fuller and longer, black mascara is the better option.

Finally, consider any sensitivities or allergies you may have. Some people may have an allergic reaction to certain mascara formulas. If you have sensitive eyes or known allergies, opting for hypoallergenic and/or non-toxic mascara is best.

Clear Mascara Vs. Black Mascara: Which One Is Right for You?


The choice between clear and black mascara depends on your lashes’ desired look and natural color.

If you have light-colored lashes and want a natural, subtle look, clear mascara may be the right choice. It can be used alone or as a top coat to set and add shine to colored mascara. Clear mascara can also be used to tame and hold down unruly brows.

If you have dark lashes and want to enhance and darken them, black mascara may be the best choice. It can create a dramatic and bold look and make lashes appear fuller, longer, and darker.

Ultimately, the choice between clear and black mascara depends on your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. It’s recommended to try both and see which one you like best.


Both mascaras are great options with amazing features. In the end, you have to choose what works best for you, be it clear or black mascara.

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