The world has set beauty standards for both, males, and females. The strands have defined what is beautiful, what is acceptable, and what is more attractive. As absurd as it sounds, it is very true. This standard not only plays with a person’s self-esteem but also makes one feel ashamed if they are not attracted to the body types that are being standardized.

In magazine covers, you will see women with waist 2, chiseled cheekbones, and skinny. While for men it is six-packs, a strongly built body, and a perfect jawline. Meanwhile, chubby girls and boys will rarely be seen.

The Law of Attraction:

However, even though these unrealistic standards exist, men and women are still true to what body type they are attracted to or are pleased to look at. Attraction cannot be controlled, and it certainly is not a bad thing to have a body type preference.

You may feel discouraged and hurt to be rejected just because you are slightly rounded and plum. But that is a part of life. You can not force a guy to be attracted to you nor can you please every guy you have a crush on. A pro tip from a local therapist: do not change yourself for someone. That will not only shatter your self-confidence but also your self-esteem.

To Answer, “Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?”

Well, yes why not. There are a lot of men who prefer a larger figure. A major reason why guys prefer chubby girls is because they are very cuddly and huggable. Moreover, guys also fancy lying on a chubby girl’s lap or thighs because they are super comfy and soft. And nothing beats a good warm hug and a cuddling session after being intimate!

Now that I have mentioned intimacy, most chubby girls think that they limit intimacy flexibility. However, this is utterly false, being intimate is all about what you and your partner enjoy. Intimate stuff is an activity that is supposed to be cooperative yet pleasant. A guy, even if he seems weak can handle a chubby girl in ways you do not know!

So, if this is your main concern; talk to your partner and be ready to be supposed in bed!

Be Confident within Yourself!

The main goal is to rock your body and be very confident in yourself. A study shows that 78% of the men would rather date a confident plus-size woman than an insecure supermodel. So, there you have it, your daily dose of boosting self-confidence.

What a Study has to Say?

A recent study has shown that men who have experienced childhood mistreatment or stress, prefer women who are on the heavier side. This is because women who are chubby cater well to the needs of such men. They are highly resourceful. And this is not wrong.

Chubby women are filled with warmth, humor, and love. They are natural listeners and are great at giving advice. Furthermore, they are low maintenance and easy-going. All of these qualities, make men lose their minds!

In Conclusion

So even if you are a little chubby, do not feel insecure, there surely is a prince charming waiting for you out there! And your amazing personality unquestionably adds in along with your body figure!

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Bisma Farooq is recognized as a top healthcare professional in her country. She is still serving during the pandemic and has won a prestigious medical scholarship award to complete her degree in the medical field. It is our honor to have her here as our guest writer and reviewer of healthcare-related topics.

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