Maintaining the right posture when walking adds to your elegance as a lady. Yet, a tiny mistake like choosing the wrong menstrual product can get in the way of your elegance, and nobody wants that.

It’s relatable, I for one feel awkward when I can hear my pad when I walk. Yeah, it can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Therefore, in this guide, I will share practical tips to help you reduce sanitary noise when you walk. So, whether you’re heading to work, going for a stroll, or simply want to feel more at ease during your daily activities, these tips will come in handy.

3 Causes of Sanitary Pad Noise When You Walk

Sanitary noise while walking can be attributed to a few common causes. Understanding these factors can help you address the issue effectively. Here are some potential causes of sanitary noise:

1. Friction

Friction between your sanitary product, such as pads or menstrual cups, and your underwear or clothing can create noise as you move. The rubbing or shifting of these items can generate unwanted sounds.

2. Improper fit

If your sanitary product is not positioned correctly or doesn’t fit securely, it can cause movement and friction, resulting in noise. A loose pad or a poorly sealed menstrual cup may be more prone to creating sound when you walk.

3. Clothing choices

Certain fabrics or clothing materials can contribute to noise when they come into contact with your sanitary products. Rustling or friction caused by specific fabrics can amplify the sound while walking.

4 Tips to Minimize Pad Noise

They are the following;

1. Proper placement and adjustments

When it comes to reducing sanitary noise while walking, proper placement and adjustments of your sanitary products play a crucial role.

Here are some tips to help you achieve optimal comfort and minimize noise:

  • Smooth out any wrinkles and adjust the pad’s position to fit snugly against your underwear. This will not only enhance comfort but also reduce the chances of unwanted noise caused by friction.
  • For those using menstrual cups, achieving a proper seal is key. Make sure the cup is inserted correctly and fully unfolded to prevent leaks and minimize noise.
  • Opt for well-fitting underwear that holds your sanitary product in place without being too tight. This will help prevent unnecessary movement and potential noise.
  • Throughout the day, take a quick moment to check your sanitary product discreetly. Ensure it hasn’t shifted or become misaligned, especially after walking for extended periods.

2. Wear appropriate clothing

Believe it or not, the clothing you choose can make a significant difference in reducing sanitary noise while walking. Here are some tips to help you make clothing choices that contribute to a quieter experience:

  • When selecting your outfit for the day, choose loose-fitting clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Flowy dresses, skirts, or loose pants are great options to consider.
  • Opt for clothing made from softer, quieter materials like cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics to minimize sound. These materials can help reduce friction and rustling sounds as you walk.
  • Consider wearing a lightweight cardigan, jacket, or longer top that can help conceal any potential noise while adding style to your outfit.
  • Pay attention to accessories that could potentially create noise or rub against your sanitary products. For example, jingly bracelets or belts with metal components may cause unwanted sounds.

3. Take shorter, lighter steps and avoid sudden movements

In addition to proper product placement and clothing choices, adjusting your walking technique can also help reduce sanitary noise. Here’s how you can achieve a quieter stride:

  • Instead of long strides, focus on smaller, more controlled steps that allow for smoother movement.
  • Be conscious of the impact your feet make when hitting the ground. Try to land each step with a lighter touch to minimize any potential noise caused by heavier footfalls. This can be achieved by gently rolling your foot from heel to toe, distributing the weight evenly.
  • Avoid sudden or jerky movements that may cause your sanitary products to shift or rub against your clothing. Aim for fluid, graceful transitions between steps, keeping your movements steady and controlled.

4. Maintain good posture and body alignment

Maintaining proper posture and body alignment can contribute to a quieter walking experience by minimizing unnecessary movement and friction. Here’s why it’s important and how you can achieve it:

  • Pay attention to your posture while walking. Stand tall with your shoulders relaxed, back straight, and chin level. Engage your core muscles to support your spine.
  • Ensure that your body is aligned correctly as you walk. Keep your hips centered and aligned with your shoulders. Avoid leaning excessively to one side, as this can create friction between your legs and increase the chances of noise.
  • Activating your abdominal muscles provides stability and control while walking. By consciously engaging your core, you create a strong foundation for your body, reducing unnecessary movement and potential noise.
  • Try to keep your leg movements relaxed and natural. Avoid crossing your legs or rubbing them together, as this can generate friction and result in noise. Instead, maintain a comfortable distance between your legs while walking.

4 Menstrual Hygiene Products That Don’t Make Noise

If you’re looking for menstrual hygiene products that offer discretion and minimize noise while walking, here are a few options to consider:

1. Menstrual discs

Menstrual discs are flexible, disc-shaped devices that are inserted into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual flow. Since they sit higher up and are positioned differently than traditional pads or tampons, they are less likely to cause noise or friction while walking.

2. Organic cotton pads

Opting for organic cotton pads can be a great choice as they are softer and produce less noise than synthetic ones. Look for pads that are specifically designed to be discreet and noise-free, with features like quiet wrappers or fabric layers that reduce rustling sounds.

3. Period panties

Period panties are underwear specifically designed with built-in absorbent layers to replace or supplement other menstrual products. They are made from soft, breathable fabrics that reduce noise and provide discreet protection. Look for period panties with a secure fit and leak-proof layer for maximum comfort and peace of mind.

4. Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are made from flexible silicone and are inserted into the private part to collect menstrual flow. Once properly positioned and sealed, they are virtually silent and offer long-lasting protection without the worry of noise or discomfort.

Why are period pads so loud?

The friction between the pad and your underwear or clothing is one primary factor. The pad can rub against the fabric as you move, creating rustling or swishing sounds. 

Is there a way to open pads quietly?

Yes, there are techniques to open pads quietly. When opening a pad, hold the pad gently and slowly peel back the wrapper, ensuring minimal rustling sounds. If the pad has adhesive tabs, carefully separate the backing paper without creating too much noise.

What are some ways to reduce sanitary pad noise?

To minimize the noise produced by sanitary pads, consider choosing ones that feature a soft cotton surface and a highly absorbent center.


Reducing sanitary noise while walking is possible with some simple adjustments and choices.

You can significantly minimize noise and enhance your comfort and confidence during your period by ensuring proper product placement, wearing appropriate clothing, taking shorter and lighter steps, and maintaining good posture and body alignment.

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