Intimacy is pivotal in every relationship. It is part of what helps maintain healthy relationships among couples. Intimacy also plays a vital role in strengthening the romantic life we share with our partners.

There are numerous ways to get intimate with your partner including kissing, cuddling, and even holding hands. Recently, on a dating advice site, I was asked “Is showering together a form of intimacy?”

Yes, Showering together with your partner is a form of intimacy. It helps foster closeness between you and your partner. You get to explore each other’s bodies romantically. Research has proven that showering together increases and improves the intimacy shared by couples. 

Moreover, a lot of people say that showering together spices up their relationships. Showering together is one of the most underrated forms of intimacy. This act of love will surely have a lot of impact on your romantic life. Keep reading to learn the benefits of Showering together with your partner. 

10 Benefits of Showering Together as a Couple 

Showering together is a form of intimacy, and it has several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Showering together:

1. It fosters love and affection between couples 

Showering together with your partner is an amazing bonding time. It helps increase the affection between couples and brings them closer emotionally. It is an excellent way for couples in new relationships to bond quickly and couples in old relationships to revive the spark in their relationship. 

2. Showering together helps improve your self-esteem and makes you comfortable around your partner 

Some people are shy about revealing the imperfections on their bodies to their partners. This dims our self-esteem and makes us uncomfortable in our skin. One way to tackle this and gain confidence is by showering together with your partner. Though it might not happen immediately, but constantly showering together with your partner will overtime help you embrace your body’s imperfections, improve your self-confidence,  and make you comfortable flaunting your body around your partner. 

3. You both explore and discover new things on each other’s bodies when you shower together 

Showering together with your partner helps you explore and know each other’s sensitive spots. Aside from that, you get to discover different things on each other’s bodies such as allergic reactions, skin blemishes, rashes, etc. This will enable you both to discover and tackle any form of skin infection quickly. 

4. It is intimate and sensual

Showering together with your partner is intimate. The soft kisses on the neck, the warm feel of your partner’s hands caressing your body, and the sweet whispers into your ears makes it worthwhile. It strengthens the bond you share as a couple and brings you closer to one another in a beautiful way. 

5. Water is more conserved when you shower together with your partner 

If there is water scarcity in your location or you are charged huge water bills, you should consider showering together. Showering together is a nice way to conserve water, bond together, and grow more intimate with one another.

6. Bathroom moments with your partner can be a perfect time to brainstorm and discuss new business ideas

Showering together with your partner makes you relaxed and ready to brainstorm. It is an ideal moment to discuss business ideas and make plans for actualizing them. Your partner can also help by recommending business strategies to help develop your business. During these beautiful moments, you might likely come up with the best business strategies. 

7. You get relieved of stress

One of the benefits of Showering together with your partner is you get to unwind from stress. After a long day filled with chaos and stress, nothing can be more relaxing than a warm bath alongside someone you love. The presence of your partner coupled with the effects of the shower is magical and relaxing. 

8. It helps build trust among couples 

Bathroom moments are private for most people. It takes a whole lot of trust to be comfortable sharing these moments with someone else. Showering together with your partner shows that you trust each other and have nothing to hide. Trust is paramount in every relationship, one of the unique ways of building trust is by bathing together.

9. You get cleaned up properly

You get cleaned up properly when showering together with your partner. You and your partner can take rounds helping each other scrub your bodies properly. For instance, your partner can help you clean that spot on your back where you can not reach.  

10. A perfect way to start your day

Showering together with your partner is an ideal way to start a lovely day. Making eye contact with your partner and the soft feel of your partner’s hand caressing your body while showering together can do wonders for your day. It could alleviate any form of sadness that could ruin your day.

Do You Shower With FWB

Yes, you can shower with FWB. As friends with benefits, you have probably been around each other naked a couple of times, so it’s okay to shower together. Showering together with FWB can be exciting and fun, especially if you are comfortable around each other. 

Showering with FWB is a nice way to consummate the passion in the relationship and keep the flames burning. Also, You get to discover each other’s sensitive spots, which are important in bed. Moreover, you can be adventurous when Showering together with FWB and try out different making-out positions. 

What happens when couples bathe together?

Couples who bathe together grow fonder of each other and appreciate each other’s bodies more. Couples get closer and more comfortable with one another when they bathe together. 

What does it mean when your boyfriend showers with You?

When your boyfriend showers with you, it means he adores you and accepts all your flaws. It also means he trusts you and is comfortable sharing private moments of his life with you.


To keep your relationship healthy and lively, it is paramount to incorporate exciting activities such as intimacy. There are several ways of getting intimate as a couple such as kissing, cuddling, and showering together. Showering together is a  form of intimacy that can do wonders for your relationship. 

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