Pairing makeup with a dress to get the right combination is not a work of genius, but it requires a keen inner eye to arrive at. Many people adore a girl on makeup when it is nicely done and paired with a dress, but they don’t understand the mastery behind it. A lot of things are put together to match an appropriate makeup with a dress, they will be highlighted in this article.

Colors are beautiful in particular scenes and on particular things. They speak a language that all fashionistas and non-enthusiasts clearly understand. This is why when used right they propel the right reflection as desired by a user. There are suitable makeups for different dresses, and it doesn’t require much expertise to figure out. So, what is the suitable makeup for a silver dress?

There are many suitable options for makeup for a silver dress, but a highlighter shade with rose gold tones or champagne is considered suitable for a silver dress. When putting on makeup for a silver dress, the aforementioned color combinations will bring about a stunning look that will leave your admirers in awe.

How Do You Pick Makeup For a Dress?

Matching makeup with a dress isn’t as straightforward as picking a shoe for a dress, there are some things to consider. First, consider your gown and what kind of statement you want to make with your makeup.

For example, if you’re wearing an elegant ballgown and want to look like a princess, then go for a soft look that accentuates your eyes and lips but doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic of your dress.

models in stunning silver dresses

Alternatively, if you are attending a low-key wedding and comfortable wearing no makeup, that’s fine too. Choose complementary colors that enhance your skin tone. Your wedding colors should be reflected in the colors of your makeup; if they aren’t, it can make you look washed out or tired on camera.

Makeup was made to enhance rather than conceal features, so don’t try too hard to cover up blemishes or discolorations unless absolutely necessary. Instead, focus on highlighting other areas of the face with concealer or foundation in lighter shades than your actual skin color, this will draw attention away from problem areas and make them less apparent.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Makeup for a Dress

When choosing makeup for your dress, you should consider the following factors:

1. The color of your dress

The color of your dress is a very important factor to consider when choosing makeup. Makeup can either be used to enhance the color of your dress or it can be used to make the color stand out. If you are wearing a silver dress, then you can consider using dark eye shadows and lipsticks to make it more striking.

On the other hand, if you are wearing, say an off-white dress that has subtle shades of pink and orange in it, then you should avoid using dark colors on your eyes and lips.

2. Your skin tone

Another thing you should do is determine your skin tone. This will help you choose the correct foundation color for your skin and determine whether or not you need any additional color correction products. The easiest way to make the right deduction is by looking at your jawline and neck area where there should be no blotches or discolorations on either side.

If there are any, then it could mean that either you have an uneven skin tone or perhaps you need to use color correction products. And if you have fair skin and are planning on wearing silver dresses, then pick up shades with yellow undertones like beige or peach which will make your face look brighter and more radiant.

If an olive complexion is what you have, then go for makeup shades with pink undertones like pinkish brown or bronze because they will help even out the complexion while giving it a healthy glow. In case you want to wear silver dresses but have tanned skin, then go for golden undertones because they will make your skin look glowing and fresh.

3. The type of event you are attending

If you are attending an event where there will be hundreds of people coming in different types of outfits, then there is no need for you to wear too much makeup as this will only make it harder for others to see your face clearly.

In contrast, if you are attending an event where most people will be dressed casually or even semi-formally, then you should go all out with your makeup so that it stands out from all others. The point is having an idea about the crowd you will be mixing with so you won’t seem odd or overly made up.

4. Your personal style

Above all things, one’s style is how one excels and looks radiant in what one wears, without compromising on comfort. Your personal style will also affect what kind of makeup looks best on you. If you are the type with a more conservative style, you may want to avoid bright colors and patterns in favor of pastels or neutrals.

Someone adventurous might choose bolder colors and patterns instead so as not to come off boring or overly conservative with their look.

Matching Makeup with a Silver Dress

Matching makeup with a silver dress is quite easy if you learn the tricks to it. The first thing is to choose the color of lipstick you should wear. Since you are wearing a silver dress, you may want to wear a light shade of lipstick. Bright red lipstick is not suitable for this type of dress because it can make you look like you’re going to a funeral.

a model with a silver dress and mild makeup

The next thing is whether or not you should wear eyeshadow. If you don’t want to wear eyeshadow then that’s fine too, but if you do want to use it then make sure it’s a light color such as baby blue or light grey.

You should also think about the type of foundation you’re going to use because if it’s too dark then it could clash with the dress and give off an unflattering effect. A light foundation is ideal for silver dresses as well as other types of clothing too.

Lastly, when matching your makeup to your silver dress, you want to think about the type of blush you want to use. If at all you are using blush, then make sure that the blush color matches your skin tone so it doesn’t stand out too much when looking at your face from afar or up close in person.

Which Lipstick is Best for Black and Silver Dresses?

The black and silver is a striking combination that is wearable to almost any event. A lot of women consider this color combination to be very elegant and sophisticated, so it’s a great choice for special occasions like weddings or cocktail parties.

A good lipstick color to complement a black and silver combination is red or purple. Red lipstick can make your lips look bigger and more voluptuous while purple lipstick will create an illusion of fullness on the top lip while making the bottom lip appear smaller due to its darker shade.

If you are inclined towards a nude shade, then go ahead and try out pink or peach hues that are lighter than your skin tone so they won’t draw attention away from your outfit. However, if you want something more dramatic, choose a deep berry shade as it will bring out the color in your eyes no matter what it is, and complement the black and silver fabrics beautifully.

Which Color of Eye Shadows Go with Silver Dresses?

Same as lipstick, there are only two colors that best complement silver or a combination of silver colors; red and purple.

1. Red eyeshadows

Red is a popular color for silver dresses. A Red eye shadow can make your eyes pop when worn with silver dresses. The combination of red and silver looks amazing on any woman. If you have a dark skin tone, avoid using too much red in your eye makeup as it may make your face appear darker than intended. You can also wear brownish-red shades as an alternative to red eye shadows for silver dresses.

2. Purple eyeshadows

Purple is another great color that goes with a silver dress because it complements the shade of the fabric perfectly. A purple eye shadow will help you stand out from the crowd and give you the confidence to walk in style. If you have a fair skin tone, opt for light purple shades instead of dark ones so that they don’t look harsh against your skin tone.


We’ve highlighted some amazing makeup ideas to answer the question what is the suitable makeup for a silver dress? Also, there are hints of other worthy things to note when matching silver colors. Silver is a universal color and it works best with some colors than others.

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