As a point of entry, you can only get the best eyeglass frame with in-depth face knowledge. It is also essential to state that you really don’t have to be a fashion expert to be able to choose the eyeglass frame that looks great on your face. 

You will want to ask why the emphasis is on the shape of your face. That is because the right frame should enhance your facial feature. But, on the other hand, your shape should also accentuate the frame of your face. 

It is also pertinent to state that no one has the perfect facial shape. Instead, you must settle for a facial shape that aligns with your personality. In this piece, we will be providing you with tips that get you closer to choosing the right frame that works best for you. 

Which Frame is Best Suited For Your Face Type

The number one determining factor of the frame you should buy should be your facial feature. The length of your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead width is what determines your facial shape. This should be the basis of choosing to buy eyeglasses online. Until you are sure of your face type, don’t click the buy button. 

Your face can either be round like Selena Gomez and Leonardo DiCaprio. It can also be oval, like that of Adam Levine and Jessica Alba. You can also have a square face like Angelina Jolie or Viola Davis’s diamond face. 

For all of these facial shapes, there are eyeglass frames that sit well on them, and there are some frames that should be avoided. For example, if you have a round face, you should look for rectangular frames that make your feature stand out. 

Anyone with a square face should be looking to settle for rounder frames, ones that soften the angles of their face. While oval face are versatile, wide frames will still be the best. 

The Tips To Guide Your Choice of Eyeglass Frame

Since you are equipped with an understanding of what your face looks like now, up next is the tips to choose the best for you finally; 

1. Consider Your Lifestyle in Your Choice of Frame

The first thing to consider before choosing frame is what makes up your daily activities. You should do a line-up of what your daily routine looks like before choosing a frame. Any frame that is not practical for your daily routine should never be considered. 

Let’s say you are a gamer or a writer, that means you spend a good part of your day sitting in front of screens, then your choice of frame should be one that is flexible enough. Ones that will not add to the fatigue of staring at the computer screens all day long. 

2. Let Your Personality Dictate Your Frame

What most people fail to tell you is the need to allow your personality and style to be the basis of your choice of frame. If any frame makes you happy, nothing should stop you from going with it. 

The most important tip we’ll give you is that your personality should be the number one determiner of your frame. If you want to go fun and flirty for the weekend, choose a frame that helps you do it seamlessly. If you are going on 

a business meeting, nothing should be in the way of a frame that screams that you mean business. 

3. Consider Your Skin Tone and Colour

As much as emphasis is placed on the shape of the face, there is also the need to look into your skin tone and colour. You have to choose a frame that blends well with your cool or warm skin tone. 

It’s not enough to be worried about the shape. The colour could throw your efforts into the bin if you don’t pay enough attention to it. 

4. Prioritize Comfort

While we’ve discussed the place of what best suits your face, there is also the place of comfortability. The best frame for your face is comfortable regardless of how long you decide to wear the glasses

Once you get it well with your facial shape, skin tone and personality, the next question to be asked is how comfortable the frame is sitting on your face. It must not be too heavy on your nose, neither should it be too tight on your face. 

 Final Thoughts

As we’ve said earlier, your choice of frame should be a product of your personality. Once you get it right with your frame, you will be surprised at how this will boost your confidence. In your search for the best frame, be on the lookout for ones that complements your features and bring a natural balance to your looks. 



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