Are you a woman considering applying for scholarships at the University of British Columbia? You may be wondering what your chances of acceptance are, and whether the university is a good fit for you. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Univristuy of Columba  Scholarship Acceptnce rate for women and how to explore some of the opportunities available to female students.

The scholarship acceptance rate at the University of British Columbia for women is about 20% and 12.5% for international women according to the global scholarship findings.  This is great news for female students, as it means that they have just as good of a chance of receiving a scholarship as their male counterparts. Additionally, UBC is committed to promoting gender equity and diversity, which is reflected in the various scholarships and awards available to women.

About the University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a public research-based institution founded in 1915 and consistently ranked as one of the top best universities in the world. It is the oldest university in British Columbia and dates back to 1908, the institution is one of Canada’s top three universities. Its campuses in the Okanagan Campus and the Vancouver Campus together house 66,512 students with two colleges, 18 schools, and 16 faculties.

Some of the brightest young undergraduates from around the world attend UBC as part of the International Scholarship Program. Moreover, high academic achievers who have excelled in extracurricular activities displayed a desire to affect change throughout the world and are committed to giving back to their schools and communities.

Therefore, if you are willing to lay your career wings to be outstanding, you can consider applying for their scholarships. But, be sure you are well grounded in your academics and have all the requirements to be eligible for the scholarship.

The University of British Columbia Scholarships That Can Benefit Women

Four scholarships are offered by the university for students but they are need-and-merit-based prizes. Each year, UBC grants about 50 scholarships across all four categories.

1. Award for international leadership by Karen McKellen

This type of scholarship is given to overseas undergraduate students who have excelled in the classroom, exhibited great leadership qualities, participated in student government and volunteer work, and demonstrated success in other important areas. You can benefit from it as it has no gender restriction. Only that you have to be outstanding.

2. International student Donald A. Wehrung award

The second scholarship is granted to exceptional foreign undergraduate students from underdeveloped or conflict-torn regions who have excelled academically despite difficult circumstances and who would not be able to attend college without substantial financial aid.

3. Award for global impact

This prize is given to outstanding students who have demonstrated a commitment to and a willingness to find solutions for issues relating to social justice, the environment, equity and inclusion, societal health and wellbeing, and freedom of speech. Thus, if you are a woman in a related field, consider the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of British Columbia Scholarships

To be eligible for any of the scholarships offered by UBC, you must meet the following criteria:

1. International student

You must be an international student who has been granted a study permit to study in Canada. The institution is considerate enough to give a chance to study students from other countries other than Canada. Thus, it is an advantage for women who hail from other countries. 

2. English language

Also, take note that English is the standard admission language as well. All applicants must originate from an English-speaking country or as the official language. 

3. Financial need

The scholarship is to provide opportunities for students that are in need. Thus, you must show that your financial situation is such that it would otherwise preclude you from obtaining a degree at UBC. The University of British Columbia automatically examines all international students for the merit-based Outstanding International Student Awards and International Major Entrance Scholarships, which have a combined annual maximum value of $25,000 each. 

You are qualified to apply for the International Scholars Program if this sum is insufficient to satisfy your needs for tuition and essential living costs.

4. Nominated by your school or a non-profit

You must be nominated by your school or nonprofit organization to show that you are trustworthy and qualified to attend UBC. Therefore, you have to submit a reference from an academic referee in order to apply for the International Scholars Program.

5. Undergraduate or postgraduate

You must be transferring from your first year of a post-secondary college. Therefore, you must have completed high school no earlier than the academic year for which you are applying. Candidates for 2023, for instance, must have completed high school no earlier than 2022.

6. Submission of your undergraduate application

If you are applying for a master’s scholarship, the application for your first undergraduate degree must be submitted and you must show that you have achieved academically (achieve all as or equivalent standard).

Application Procedures

The majority of women scholarship applications at UBC are denied because some don’t follow the right procedure

  • Check out the International Scholars Program application page.
  • Choose the campus and the academic program you want to enroll in.
  • Verify that you can be nominated by your school or nonprofit. A high school student who is actively associated with the non-profit organization may only be nominated. This nomination will be added to the total number that a student’s school is allowed to submit.
  • Tell your academic referee and nominee that you plan to apply to the International Scholars Program and let them know that the application deadline is November 15. 
  • Your academic reference should be someone who is familiar with you and your work, such as your teacher in your chosen field of study. Your nominator should be your school counselor or an equivalent.
  • You must be nominated by your school or nonprofit organization and submit a reference from an academic referee in order to apply for the International Scholars Program.
  • Compile the necessary financial data for yourself as well as a record of any extracurricular activities and honors.
  • Submit the application for the International Scholars Program before the deadline of November 15 and submit your UBC admissions application before the deadline of December 1.

Key application deadline for scholarships

Below are the important dates you should note while applying for any of the institution’s scholarships:

  • The best date to turn in your International Scholars Program application is November 15.
  • December 1st is the deadline for the submission of your UBC admissions online application. But be informed that only your first-choice degree will be taken into consideration for an International Scholars Program scholarship, even though you can list two-degree options in your application.
  • Meet the English language admission standard for direct entry to UBC by January 31. 
  • Send in any paperwork needed for your admission to UBC by January 31. Instead of the day mentioned in your “next steps” email, kindly submit by this deadline.
  • You will be notified of any awards in the middle of April.

What Grades Do You Need to Get a Scholarship at UBC?

To be eligible for a scholarship at the University of British Columbia (UBC), you will typically need to have a high-grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (or “B” average) is required to be considered for most scholarships. Generally, a GPA of Some scholarships may require a higher GPA, while others may have a lower GPA requirement.

Additionally, some scholarships may require additional qualifications such as extracurricular activities, community service, or other achievements. Therefore, it is recommended to check the specific requirements for the scholarship you are interested in applying for.

Benefits of University of Columbia University Scholarships for Women

A female student

In case you don’t know why the UBC scholarship is good for you as a woman, check the following tips:

1. Access to quality education

As mentioned above, the University of British Columbia is not child’s play. It is one of the top institutions in the whole wide world. It will be a prestigious opportunity for women who aim to be generation changers and a major influence in their chosen careers as they will have access to top-notch education   

2. It boosts networking

A major limitation of women’s empowerment and career is the inability to network around equal great minds in their profession. But gaining an in such a prestigious institution will give me a chance to meet with key leaders in their fields. 

3. Financial benefit

Imagine what it will cost you to study at the University of British Columbia as a woman without scholarship support. That is almost impossible, right? But that is what you enjoy when you gain a scholarship. Therefore, start the application process and access the most special learning opportunities and specialized guidance for free.

4. It elevates your career

Gaining a scholarship at the University of British Columbia will not expose you to the best knowledge that you need, it will as well open diverse opportunities that will elevate your career unusually. All the people that you meet, the facilities, and other benefits will definitely impact your career.


The University of British Columbia is one of the top best universities that offer education of high quality within a conducive environment. Although the major challenge is that the acceptance rate is generally high making it more difficult for women to gain a scholarship. Therefore, we only recommend the institution to female students who are outstanding to meet the requirement to be eligible for any of its scholarships.

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