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Vomit Inducing Methods and Side Effects – How to Make Yourself Throw Up?

You’ll be surprised to know that more people tend to throw up or vomit voluntarily than naturally. However, in most cases, people won’t do so unless it is absolutely necessary. This is because the majority of people have a strong feeling of revolt even thinking about vomit. In fact, people with a very resilient stomach find this thought unsettling, and gag reflex can make the task even harder.

All things considered, sometimes throwing up can be necessary to get rid of any harmful or toxic substances that might’ve been ingested by you. For instance, acidity, indigestion, and food poisoning are examples of some of the things that can be easily relieved by vomiting. 

Now, in case you or someone you know has consumed large amounts of pills or alcohol; throwing up immediately is the only way out. If you don’t get rid of those toxins right away, your life can be at risk. And even after throwing up, it is advised you see a professional in this case.

Caution: We don’t recommend throwing up for weight loss at any cost. No one in a healthy state should ever induce vomiting. Consult a medical expert if you are having such thoughts. Because it can be dangerous for you mentally and physically in the long run.

Things to know before inducing vomiting:

Trying to make yourself vomit at home can be very risky, that’s why doctors no longer recommend it.

Inducing vomiting can lead to things such as:

    • damage to the tissues present in your mouth and throat 
    • Dehydration 
    • mixing of the poison and stomach acids can lead to further harm
    • chemical burns can be caused in your throat as the poisonous substances come back up
    • You can end up inhaling the vomit in your lungs

Ways to make yourself vomit:

These steps should be taken only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, consult a doctor rather than treating the issue at home.

Here is a list of methods that can help you vomit at home in the safest possible;

#1 Throwing up using your finger:

Using your fingers is a very common way to make yourself throw up. This is one of the most simple and easiest ways of throwing up. It may sound uncomfortable to shove your finger down your throat multiple times, but it is very effective. 

Here’s how to do it;

#1 Start by pushing your finger at the back of your tongue, this will make your body react and cause a gag reflex. 

#2 As soon as you feel that your built-in gag reflex is happening, remove the finger from your mouth.

Now, this is going to make you feel nauseous and you are eventually going to vomit. Do remember that it’s not necessary that you are going to vomit on the first try. If you don’t throw up in the very first try, repeat doing the steps given above until you don’t throw up.

 But there are a few precautions that you should take before doing this; 

      • Your hands should be washed
      • Your nails should be properly trimmed so that you don’t hurt the inside of your mouth. 
      • Make sure you are not wearing a ring on your fingers.

Even though this is the simplest way of throwing up, if you are not comfortable putting your fingers down your throat, there are some alternative methods for you to consider instead of this down below.

#2 Throwing up using Warm Saltwater

Drinking warm salted water is also an effective way of making yourself throw up. Add a teaspoon or two of salt into a glass of water and stir it until it’s properly mixed. Microwave the glass of water for about 40-60 seconds to make it warm.

Now your warm salted water is ready to be consumed. After drinking the salted water you might have to wait as it is a bit more time taking process compared to the last one. It can take up to 25 to 30 minutes for you to vomit after drinking this. As salt contains a high amount of sodium, it can make the electrolytic balance of your body to shift which is going to result in you throwing up. Try to consume this in one gulp. Although it’s not very easy to force yourself to drink salty water, it will get the job done once consumed.

#3 Throwing up using Mustard and water solution

This method works the same way as the previous one as it also produces an imbalance to our body’s electrolytic balance. Just like table salt, mustard contains a high amount of sodium which can easily cause a shift to your body’s electrolytic balance which is going to result in you feeling nauseous which will eventually end up in you throwing up.

Mix one or two teaspoons of mustard into your glass of water and try to swallow this solution in a single sip. Remember to be very cautious when drinking this solution as it contains a high level of sodium. Overdosing on high levels of sodium can have a bad effect on your body and cause you harm.

#4 Throwing up using Unpleasant odors

If you want to throw up and you don’t want to consider doing it by using your finger or by drinking salt and mustard solutions, because it is too much for you to handle then exposing yourself to unpleasant odors or sights is the best way to go. You can just go in your kitchen and find a rotten egg or fruit and smell it until you’re nauseous enough to vomit.

If you can’t find such things then consider going out in an environment where you are surrounded by a pile of fusty smelling garbage. This whole environment containing unpleasant odors will trigger your brain and make you feel nauseous. Staying in this kind of environment can result in you throwing up within a few minutes. If you are sensitive to unpleasant odors, this will trigger you easily.

What to do after vomiting?

Here are a few things that you should do after you’re done vomiting to prevent any side effects of voluntarily vomiting; 

  1. Rinse your mouth

To remove stomach acids from your mouth rinse your mouth with plain tap water. If needed use mouthwash to get rid of any smell. However, brushing your teeth after vomiting is not advised as it can cause damage to your teeth enamel.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Vomiting can lead to dehydration, drink a lot of water to rehydrate yourself. You can also drink lemon water for more hydration.

  1. Drink cranberry juice

Drinking some cranberry juice will help you avoid any unpleasant taste in your mouth after throwing up. It will also help in hydration.

  1. Get rest

It is normal to feel fatigued and tired after vomiting as it can remove essential nutrients from your body. Thus it is important to take proper rest in order for your body to heal.

Is it bad to force yourself to vomit?

Yes, forcing yourself to vomit can be harmful to your throat and lead to further complications.

What should I eat after I throw up?

Eat bland foods and don’t consume any spicy foods. Try things such as; bananas, rice, dry toasts, etc.

Is vomiting bile bad?

No, vomiting bile is not a concern it usually happens when you vomit on an empty stomach.

What is clear vomit?

Clear vomit can often happen after you have thrown up several times already, it can lead to stomach flu.

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