Celebrating holidays with a significant other can be a great experience. However, for some holidays, you might struggle to know whether or not it’s appropriate to get them a gift. Take Easter, for example. Many parents get their kids gifts, but is it something that you really need to celebrate with your significant other? It’s a question many couples ask — especially since many don’t have the same opinions on when to start including each other in family holiday events. If you asked them, they’d probably say they won’t turn down an opportunity to receive a gift! Here are some gift ideas to give your girlfriend for Easter.

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10 Easter Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend


1. A traditional Easter basket

Transport her back to her childhood by giving her a traditional Easter basket! She’ll love the chance to rifle through the basket filled with chocolate goodies and lots of other great things, like games and even socks. Take it a step further by giving her a personalized Easter basket that features her first initial or her first name. She’ll treasure it for years to come!

2. An Easter scavenger hunt proposal

Thinking about popping the question? Consider proposing with an Easter egg scavenger hunt. Of course, do this either in your own backyard or at a family event so that no one else accidentally picks up your diamond sparkler (we wouldn’t want you to lose that!). It’s such a fun and creative way to take your relationship to the next step together. If she loves the holiday, this is perfect for her. She’ll be so surprised!

3. A couple’s photoshoot

Even if she’s not one to take a bunch of selfies with you, gifting her a couple’s photoshoot with a professional photographer might just be the experience she’s looking for. While not everyone likes to spend time in front of the camera, some couples like to have professional photos of themselves to hang in their apartment or send out with the annual Christmas card each year. Consider getting her a couple’s photoshoot with a professional photographer! If she’s really not a big fan of doing couple’s photos, you can always give her a one-on-one session or, if she’s career-minded, a professional headshot session. Either way, it’s a gift she’s sure to love!

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4. A necklace with her name on it

If your girlfriend loves all things monogram, why not get her a necklace with her name on it? She’ll love the personal gift and probably wear it all the time. Consider going with a metal bar necklace as that can be dressed up or down depending on what her day’s looking like. She can wear it to work, on dates or to formal events. You could also consider getting her a necklace with her first initial on it, too, if you think that’s more her style. Take a look at her current jewelry collection to find out whether she prefers yellow, white or rose gold. It’ll really make a difference how often she wears the necklace you give her. Give it to her with a personalized Easter bunny stuffed animal to really round out the holiday gift!

5. A pampering Easter basket

Let her pamper herself by giving her a pampering Easter basket this year! Fill it with her favorite skincare products — face masks, face rollers and even moisturizer and lotion. You can also add some other beauty products, such as her favorite makeup, replacement brushes and nail care items. Polish, buffers, files and clippers are all great ideas. Include a candle and some sprigs of lavender or bubble bath and you’re all set!

6. A pair of fun bunny earrings

If she’s one to find the humor in everything, consider getting her a pair of bunny earrings for the holiday. Try to give them to her before the holiday so she can wear them on Easter. Some women like to pre-plan their outfits and might want to figure out which accessories they’ll be wearing to any Easter events. Whether you choose a pair of studs or a pair of dangling earrings, she’s sure to love them.

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7. A book of prayers

Is your girlfriend religious? If so, she might celebrate Easter as a religious holiday. Consider getting her a book of prayers to aid her in her spiritual journey. Easter is an important holiday for Christians, as it signifies the day that Jesus rose from His grave after persecution by the Romans. Religious gifts, such as a book of prayers, a bottle of holy oil or even a new bookmark for her Bible are all great options for religious gifts to give your girlfriend on Easter.

8. A floral travel mug

A travel mug with flowers printed on it is the perfect springtime gift for your girlfriend for the Easter holiday. Consider giving her a fun Easter coffee mug to go with it that she can use for her morning dose of coffee before hitting the road for her daily commute. A travel and coffee mug set is great for when she wants to enjoy a cup at home and then another on the go. Also great if she drinks coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon or at night before bed. She can never have enough mugs, that’s for sure!

9. A set of Easter soaps

If she loves to take baths as a form of self-care, why not get her a set of Easter soaps? Whether they’re in the shape of bunnies, ducks or simple flowers, a set of soaps will be perfect for her to use during her weekly bath. She can use them at each of the sinks in her home, too, as a way to celebrate the holiday through her decor. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

10. A bouquet of tulips for spring

Sometimes, the best gifts are simple. A bouquet of fresh tulips is a great gift for your girlfriend for Easter. Accompany the flowers with a heartfelt note and you’ve got yourself a winning gift.

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