David had a big crush on Gabriella since they were paired as co-actors during a school career day drama back when they were both in Junior high school. He never had a girl held his attention that much before then. Since then, he has reflected on that moment retrospectively and never really could point to one thing that fascinated him about her. There is a problem, though. He has not been able to summon enough courage to tell her about his feelings.

His friends usually tease him about that fact and even go as far as calling him names. This does not always rub off well on David, as his friends get on his nerves often. And while one may consider them inconsiderate, his friends do not care, as long as their taunts push David to do what they consider the right thing. But why go that far with someone you call a friend? Why do guys tease their friends about a girl he likes?

The answer is very simple. When a guy teases their friends about a girl he likes, they may be trying to push him to act on his affections by approaching the girl and declaring his feelings, or they may be poking fun at him. So, if you are a guy with friends who love to tease you about the girl you like, then do not think they are mean. They only want you to take the proper action by acting on your affections.

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Why Would Your Friends Tease You About Her?

When your friends start teasing you about a girl you like, you may resent the jokes, given that some friends may be extra. If you are this way, it’s okay. You are human. But there’s no reason to resent them for teasing you. They are normal too.  

Like David, some possible reasons your friends might be teasing you about a girl you like. Maybe you have confessed to them that you have feelings for the girl, and they are only looking to give you the final push to make you go all out for her. Or, it could be that you have already asked her out and declined, and they are teasing you to rub it in. If the former were to be the case, there is no issue, but if it is the latter, there may be a need to take action.

Either way, it’s important to remember that your friends are probably just having fun and may think they are not doing any harm. So you must use some tact when dealing with such situations and ensure you do not resort to violence.

What Should You Do if Your Friends Are Trying to Push You to Act?

At this point, you have only one fear. The fear of being rejected! But is it worth it if you lose sight of your dreams just because you are afraid of the unknown? If your friends are pushing to make a move, you should consider doing it (albeit tactfully). The trick is to test the waters first and see if she feels the same way. So, how can you do this?

1. Try to get some alone time with her

You must try to get some alone time with her to gauge her properly. Spend a lot of time with her, and you might find out how best to connect with her.

2. Find out what she likes

If you find out what she wants, doing it for her could make her fall for you

3. Always make her smile

Who doesn’t want a funny guy? If you always make her smile, she’ll always look forward to being with you. And that spark might just blossom into a full flame from there. 

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What Are the Questions You Should Ask as a Girl?

But, what if you are a girl, and you notice that his friends always tease him whenever you are around? How do you know if they know something you likely do not know? Well, this is not so hard as long as you ask yourself some questions first. The answer to those questions will give you the information you need. So what are the questions to ask in this situation?

1. How often does this happen

When you are in the midst of boys, and they are teasing one of them repeatedly, the first thing to consider is that you cannot take anything from the fact that boys will always be boys. You will never be able to fully understand everything they do or say, and that’s that. Their reaction may not even have anything to do with you.

However, if you try to observe how often the teasing happens and find that it happens every time you are with them, there may be something there.  

2. Could he have told his friends something about me? 

You must have heard that there is never a reaction without an initial action. This means that his friends can’t just be teasing him around you if he has not told them something. Guys do this a lot, and he might have done the same.

This may be because he’s hoping for some advice from his buddies, or maybe he wants to brag about the fact that you are his new crush. But more often than not, teasing him around you is just a way to make you notice him more. They may be hoping that by making him the subject of some good-natured ribbing, you’ll start to pay more attention to him.

3. How does he act when he’s alone with you?

While his friends may have your attention, the final green light must come from the one interested in you. According to David, whom I spoke about at the beginning of this article, he endured his friends’ teasing and poking for a while. When he could no longer take being called “a chicken,” he finally summoned courage and walked up to Gabriella one day.

That moment was very difficult for him, but, to his surprise, Gabriella told him that she had been noticing him for a while, and it became easy for things to kick off between them. The message here is that, even if he is shy and does not know how to talk to you about his feelings, he must still give you something to work with.

You may want to meet him halfway, but if he does not show you how he wants you, be careful how you tread there. You do not want to make the first move and get rejected. Remember that not all guys are the same, so it’s important to pay attention to his specific behavior to see if he’s interested.

If you’re unsure whether he likes you, one sure way to find out is to try flirting with him a little and see how he responds. If he acts interested, there’s a good chance that he is interested in you. But, if he does not, it is time to move on.

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3 Signs That He Likes You

It’s not always easy to tell if a guy is just being friendly or interested in you, but there are a few things that guys do when they like you that can give them away. He likes you if he does any of the following whenever he is alone with you:

1. If he tries playful banter or light-hearted joking

One of the most common things guys do when they like you is tease you. This can be in the form of playful banter or light-hearted joking. But it’s often a way for them to gauge your reaction and see if you’re interested in them. He’s banking on the chance that if you laugh at his jokes and don’t seem bothered by his teasing, you may like him too. If that happens, he’ll likely take it as a good sign and continue doing it with you.

2. When he always wants to make you smile

Another thing guys do when they like you is trying to make you smile. I mean, who doesn’t like a funny guy? So, he may crack jokes, tell funny stories, or do anything else they think will make you smile. This is another way of gauging your interest and seeing if you have any chemistry with him.

 3. If he tries to impress you

If he is always trying to impress you, chances are that he is doing that to show that he has the same interests as you.  This behavior is based on the premise that a guy will have it easier with you if you have some respect for him. He may do this by trying to know your interests and then show you that he knows a lot about those subjects that interest you. Such subjects may be anthropology, mathematics, science, beauty tips, or any other topic that might interest you.

What if He Likes You But He’s Scared to Tell You?

Now that you know how to check his intentions, you might ask if he likes you but is scared to show it. If this is the case, he may not give a clear green light. This is why you must keep your nose to the ground more. Remember that the goal here is to test the waters well before taking a plunge. So, if he does not indicate his interest in you, you need to give him more time.

If you think he likes you but is scared to tell you, you must watch out for subtle signs around him. Those signs may clear your doubts. It helps you make the final decision, even if he’s not giving you any green light. The key here is to pay attention to see the signs. Also, if there are any, there’s a good chance he likes you. Maybe he’s just trying to find a way to tell you how he feels.

As a Guy, Should I Seize the Initiative?

As a guy interested in a girl, you should know no matter how much your friends tease you whenever she is around. It would be best to act decisively once you feel the time is right. She may have got a cue from your friends. Remember that she will likely not make the first move for obvious reasons. So, it’s left to you to give her a clear indication that you like her, even if you can’t come out straight.

I know this might sound like a daunting task. But I can also tell you that you’ve got no other choice. The key here is to give her something to work with. You may also be surprised that she may even meet you halfway and make it easy for you.

But even if she won’t, you can’t keep your feelings bottled up for life. You can watch her get hooked to someone else. This is all because you refused to conquer your demons and act on your feelings.

After all, the worst that can happen is to get rejected. However, it might be hard at first, but it is still very okay. Even if she rejects you, you’ll be confident that you tried your best. Always know that you will get a better girl with time.

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Whether you are a girl and your male friends are always teasing one of the guys whenever you are there, or you are a guy at the receiving end of your friends’ teasing, you now know what to do.

As a guy, if you like a girl and your friends are teasing you so that you can make a move, you need to know that there’s nothing to lose if you make the move. So, make your move and forget about the possibility of her rejection.

In the same vein, if you are a girl and a guy you already like is trying to give you the green light through his friends, you can help him over the line. Just be sure he is really into you before you move. However, if you are not into him, you can politely disengage from him while ensuring he gets the message.

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