When you think of marriage, you probably think of the romantic cooking sessions, pillow fights, and having a personal support system to pick you up through the bad times in life, when the reality might be quite different. Marriage is not the happy ending that most tales portray, no, marriage is a constant effort to keep the boat afloat. Marriage is about balance.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs, and it’s very likely that you will feel wronged by a romantic partner at some point in your life. But at the end of the day, we are only humans — so, we end up ignoring everything and carry on with our lives to make things better. But when all these hurtful feelings are swept under the rug, a more toxic form of negativity takes birth which is: resentment in your marriage.

If you notice that your partner has a change in behavior, it’s likely that they’re starting to be resentful towards you. They don’t communicate as much as they used to, are less playful or even less affectionate than usual.

However, the things that lead to resentment by your partner, can stem from all types of different situations such as financial problems, a lack of communication, and intimacy. But the topmost possible reason your marriage might be leading to the wrong path is:

  • Feeling constrained all the time

Sometimes unconsciously, a simple comment like “you’re not good at doing laundry,” can have more of an impact than you think. Suddenly, wives end up meticulously telling their husbands how to do almost everything, which can lead to a man feeling pushed into a corner and feeling controlled.

This feeling of being controlled can slowly chip away a man’s masculinity and make him uncomfortable. If you start making your partner uncomfortable it’s very likely that they will end up developing hatred towards you.

So, if your husband isn’t the best at doing something, allow him to make mistakes and learn on his own. Don’t point out everything, don’t direct, control, or warn him all the time. Certainly don’t put blame on him for small things he might do wrong.

It doesn’t seem like it but men are very sensitive and read into everything, especially the things you say which can be read as shaming or making him feel less valued. All of these things can wear your partner down over time, and his feelings towards you will be the first to leave.

  •  Caught up in parenthood

Becoming a parent can be one of the most amazing experiences in one’s life. But once that motherhood kicks in, it’s easy to become consumed by your children all of the time. In fact, it is said that in many marriages, women tend to forget or think less about their husbands when they have children. They end up putting their parenthood first and being a wife second. Putting your husband second and not giving him enough time can be lethal for marriage and compromise romance.

Although, it’s natural for a woman to become totally obsessed with her kids — and just look after them 24/7. Yes, being a mother can be very hectic but you should still try to arrange date nights with your husband every now and then, even if it is just cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine or watching a movie together at home while your baby is napping.

  • Lack of intimacy

Okay, so maybe you and your husband aren’t having any type of conflict. You guys aren’t nagging each other or arguing at all and everything seems to be going fine.

Try recalling the last time you had a good time in bed with your partner, was it a month ago or perhaps was it a good 5 years ago?

This might seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but many couple counselors suggest that nonadventurous, routine sex life can build up frustration in men and make them unhappy. To maintain a healthy sex life, it is always wise to spice up things in the bedroom and listen to your partner. it’s just that this is a way for men to open up emotionally and show their love and passion towards you.

Also, some women tend to avoid sex just as a punishment for their partners which can really lead to a man feeling unloved and unwanted.

  • Complaining too much

This is one of the biggest reasons men start to lose affection for their wives. It’s no surprise that it’s way more enjoyable to be around someone who’s positive and understanding than it is to be with someone who’s complaining about every single thing. Because at the end of the when you come home after a long day,, the last thing that you want to hear is your wife screaming and complaining.

In the initial stage of a relationship you tend to ignore or unsee your partner’s flaws, After some time when the spell wears off, the fights and arguments surface. Being naggy and complaining all the time to see his makeup to you might have been romantic and fun as his highschool sweetheart but no one will want an annoying critic at their butts every time they get home. 

So the ladies out there need to practice making their men feel welcomed when they get home instead of tormenting them out of their homes and eventually out of their lives.

  • Change in personalities

As sad as it sounds it’s true the people change over time — which is not a bad thing by any means but sometimes it can be fatal for a marriage. Because as a man starts to feel like his partner is changing, he thinks that he is losing the person he once loved. new experiences bring about new perspectives and they might not always agree with what your partner stands for.

It is important to let your partner know that no matter how much you might change, you will always love them the same. Keeping your relationship constant is the toughest task for a marriage to work.

5 Suggestions to Attract Husband’s Attention:

 But despite everything you still want to win your husband back or save your marriage here are some ways to consider;

    1. Start prioritizing your husband 
    2. Appreciate the little things
    3. Keep a positive mind-set 
    4. Change the things that he resents the most
    5. Get Counselling
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