Heels are footwear where the heels are higher than other parts of the shoe. They are style footwear generally worn by ladies to offer them good walking steps. Heels are available in various colors and types which include Cuban, comma, cone, flare, French, and so forth. It is additionally available in exceptional shapes and heights ranging from 2inches to 6inches relying on how high the person needs.

Sneakers on the other hand are simple footwear with a flat sole. It is also referred to as running shoes, athletic shoes, gymnasium footwear, running footwear, and so forth. It was mainly designed for sports or other exercise activities. But, sneakers have steadily grown into a style international and have ended up as a part of our regular footwear.

Both heels and sneakers are footwears, but, most people get confused after they realize that the size of their heels is different from the sneakers, therefore they ask questions like, are heels the same size as sneakers? 

No, they are not. You have to size up in heels compared to regular sneakers. Despite the fact that we now have sneakers with higher soles, they can’t be as compared with the size of heels.  

Due to this effect, look out for your size when buying heels. Don’t use the size of sneakers for heels due to the fact you may be disappointed and end up shopping for the wrong size.

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Differences Between Heels and Sneakers

  1. Sneakers are easy shoes that can be worn every time, for sports and workout activities. It may additionally be worn for an informal outing or fun-filled activities while heels are worn during special/ official occasions such as dinner dates, workplace, seminars, board meetings, etc.
  2. Additionally wearing heels for too long can be so tiring and the person wearing them gets uncomfortable easily. Meanwhile, no one ever gets tired of wearing sneakers except when you’re wearing a sneaker that isn’t your size then you will get tired of wearing it or it’s going to cause injury on your feet if worn for too long.
  3. Heels have a limiting element due to the fact only females can wear heels, which means heels are extra female while sneakers are trendy footwear that may be worn by women and men together with toddlers.
  4. Sneakers are usually made with fabric or artificial materials with soles that are made with rubber materials making them last longer and preventing them from being noisy when walking with them. While heels are made with plastic, leather-based, timber, cloth, animal hides, glues, and so on.
  5. The height of heels, makes the individual wearing them taller and provides beauty to the feet while sneakers add little or no more height to anyone wearing them.
  6. Sneakers provide support to the feet which give whosoever wearing them proper balance when walking whilst heels aren’t balanced. Hence, when walking with them; extra caution is needed. 
  7. Similarly, the regular wearing of heels causes foot problems including calf muscle pain and other extreme foot trouble while sneakers have very little or no foot hassle connected to them.

Types of Heels

As earlier stated in this article, heels are made in extraordinary types and patterns. In this section, we will be looking at the diverse types of heels.

1. Cuban Heels

The Cuban heel seems a bit masculine. It has a low heel with a stable appearance. They may be typically short to medium in peak and are discovered on ankle boots, loafers, and different closed toes footwear. They also are available in various colors and are ordinarily suitable for official activities.

2. High Heels

Any heel of at least 4 inches and above is classified as high heels. High heels are available in exclusive shapes and heights. Other examples of high heels are pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals. If you’re learning how to walk on heels, then high heels aren’t for you. 

3. Kitten Heel

If you’re a tall lady who isn’t ready to do away with her heels or someone that is yet to master the art of walking on heels then kitten heel is for you. It’s very easy and has a heel that is beneath 3 inches. It’s far appropriate for any respectable occasion. It also comes in unique colorings and sizes.

4. Square Heel

Square heels are just like block heels with a thicker side and rectangular form. It’s very comfortable and balanced too. It isn’t always as high as the regular heels. Square heels can also be found in booties and different shoe models. They also are available in specific colorations, styles, and styles.

5. Very High Heels

Very high heel shoes have a top that is up to eight inches or greater. This footwear has a platform in the front that does not allow to overstretch the foot and makes walking extra comfortable. Very high heels aren’t too healthy for the feet as it has a high tendency of inflicting foot problem. Therefore very high heel shoes shouldn’t be worn regularly.

6. Pumps

Pumps are a beautiful and conventional pair of shoes every female ought to have. It comes in unique colors, is easy to walk with, and is best for reputable responsibilities. But, the pump can also be worn with a couple of denim or easy dresses for social events. Additionally, it is not very high. In case you’re a working-class woman then a pair of pump heels are best for you.

7. Wedge Heel

It has been widely believed that quite impossible to be comfortable on heels but with wedge heels, it is ideally possible. The wedge presents you with a comfortable and elegant motion. It also presents you with an elegant appearance and may be worn with a simple, casual, and reputable outfit.

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Types of Sneakers

It’s rare to see anyone without a pair of sneakers in their closet. But, those sneakers regardless of the brand fall under different types. Here are different types of sneakers;

1. Canvas Shoes

This pair of footwear is considered the most secure and easy-to-wear footwear. Canvas are low-heeled and very comfortable to walk with. It is also made from canvas-based materials and may be worn with a casual outfit or a pair of denim. An example of canvas sneakers is All Stars canvas.

2. High Top Footwear

High-top shoes are essentially for basketballers however they have emerged as part of our everyday footwear. Whether you’re carrying out a sporting activity or just heading out together with your buddies, high-top footwear is perfect for movement and looks great on the feet. Also, it makes your appearance more stylish and can be worn with basketball shorts or a pair of geared-up jeans.

3. Designer Sneakers

Designer sneakers are footwear made from extraordinary designer brands. They’re typically expensive but extremely comfortable and are appropriate for formal garments. Designer shoes make you look extra stylish and extremely good. Examples of designer shoes are; Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, etc.

4. Leather-based Sneakers

Leather-based white sneakers are parts of the maximum common shoes worn by everyone. It is very fashionable, durably made from exceptional materials, and appropriate for both formal and casual occasions, however, it’s quite expensive.

Leather sneakers also are extremely good for sporting sports and give your foot a stunning look. You don’t have to wear long socks when putting on leather sneakers; short socks will be pretty cool.

5. Led Light Sneakers

This pair of footwear is common amongst males but majorly admired by women. It’s a flashy sneaker majorly worn for concerts, festivals and parties.  Led light sneakers are very unique and are equipped with the led tube running around the outside areas of the soles. The Led is very mild and offers both one or multiple colors relying on the side of the shoe.

6. Synthetic shoes

These pairs of footwear are very cheap, that is because they’re made from synthetic materials. It has little/ no quality. Synthetic footwear is recognized for constantly inflicting pain and a bad odor on your toes. That is because the materials used are the ones that can’t breathe.

 In case you’re a lover of sneakers or a person who wears footwear all day long, you may not want to put on synthetic sneakers. For this reason, it is really helpful to spend money on high-quality and relaxed sneakers instead.

7. Printed Sneakers

These pairs of shoes are affordable shoes that provide you with a fashionable look in your day-by-day outfit. It is available in a spread of colors and patterns from abstract to plain. If you’re looking for cheap and secure shoes, then printed shoes are exceptionally encouraged.

8. Lightweight shoes

As the name implies, lightweight shoes are very mild and build energy in your legs. They’re additionally referred to as training shoes. This pair of footwear can be worn for exclusive activities such as strolling, dancing, and many others.  Additionally, the soles of this pair of footwear are designed for balance, flexibility, and coordination, particularly in case you’re an athlete.

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The size of heels isn’t the same as sneakers, as a result, while shopping for any of them; make sure you purchase your perfect size. Don’t conclude that because you’re wearing size 45 for heels then sneakers maybe size 45 as well, don’t be surprised with the changes after buying.

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