We’re all aware of the world’s situation these days which is the outbreak of Covid-19. A peaking pandemic follows up with a lot of debate about what one’s supposed to do or how to take precautions. One of the debate questions revolves around masks. We’ve heard multiple queries. For one, people are confused about whether one should wear a mask or not. Secondly, when you should wear one & if you’re supposed to then which one provides maximum safety? The answers to these questions are catered to.

Should you or should you not wear a Face Mask? 

Initially, the health organizations had made it compulsory for people who had contracted the disease to wear masks. However, with further research, the same organizations asked everyone around the world to wear a mask even if you weren’t sick. This is where the confusion sparked & the panic arose.

While social distancing is the main measure you’re supposed to take, using masks is the second important measure you can take as means of prevention. If you’re still working or need to run errands then wearing a mask is mandatory. It’s deemed best to wear a mask for protection because you don’t know if you or anyone around you has caught it.

As women, we’ve already had a lot of things to consider before going out or even inside our house. God knows why our skin is sensitive to certain weather conditions & of all the pollution around us. Let’s not forget the seasonal allergies or the flu we have to deal with. It’s annoying. But we’ve got to find some way around the mess this year has been.

List of Best Outdoor Masks for Ladies

A few masks are specifically made for women who struggle with living in dusty urban areas or other conditions that are harmful to their respiratory systems. Plus with the added problem of a contagious disease, we have to keep ourselves safe & protect the ones around us. So, without further ado, let’s jump into all the options we’ve compiled for you that’ll help with not only Covid-19 but other problems as well. 

#1 MONATA Reusable Dust Mask

Working or doing activities in a congested environment can be damaging for you. This is why MONATA’s dust mask is best to keep yourself safe from inhaling impure air. Made out of highly effective layers, it keeps 99% of the dust, pollution, smog & other contaminants from getting into your system. This one’s not like most masks that make you feel suffocated as it comes with an amendable nose clip & ear loop. Its air-flow regulators enable smooth & comfortable breathing for you during any outdoor activities. MONATA’s dusk mask is easy to clean & is durable as well. 

#2 Bollovir Dust Mask

Once you wear this mask, take relaxed steps towards maintaining your lawn or DIY carpentry. Its healthy ventilation provides ultimate protection from not only dust but from viral flu, allergies, passive smoking & smog. You can use this lightweight mask for multiple outdoor activities such as cycling, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, skiing & much more! Plus, it not for one time use as you can easily wash it & reuse it as many times as you want. Don’t worry if you’ve got a sweat problem, it’s quick-drying too. 

#3 N95 Mask for women

If you’re looking to prevent any toxicant out of your lungs then this has to be your go-to. The intricate structure frames your face providing a lot of space for healthy respiration. Its M-shaped nose clip & flexible ear loops fit comfortably & firmly on your face. Due to a layer of activated carbon, this mask filters dust, germs, allergies, pollen, pollution & other airborne contaminants. Most importantly, it’s an easy wash & reusable.

#4 Upmall Winter Balaclava

Living in extremely cold weather can make it difficult to do any outdoor activities. However, with a trendy balaclava, you can shield yourself from icy winds. The fleece fabric not only keeps you warm but provides security while skiing, cycling, hiking & other winter activities. If you’re feeling too hot, don’t worry as it’s multifunctional. Go from covering your full face to making it your neck warmer or a dust coverer. Moreover, don’t worry about throwing it in your washing.

#5 Dust Mask PM2.5

This mask is made for women who suffer from seasonal allergies or can easily catch the flu. In case you’re one of them, this 5-layered, skin-friendly & comfortable mask is your go-to. Its M-shape is made conveniently to adjust to your bridge so no germs or dust can sneak in through your nose. This fit also prevents your glasses from being fogged. With this mask, you can fearlessly go out during pollen or flu season & enjoy various outdoor activities! 

#6 AXBXCX Seamless Neck Gaiter

If you’re someone who likes a two in one product then you must get your hands on this gaiter. This versatile mask isn’t just a two in one but can be used as a neck gaiter, face mask, sun mask, beanie, balaclava, hairband & a wrist band! The soft, lightweight, stretchy & comfy material can be worn in all seasons. If you sweat a lot during physical exercise, it’ll just absorb any moisture. Additionally, this odor-resistant mask has to hand washed but dries quickly for you to use it again. 

#7 Debrief Me Pollution Masks

Relieve your sensitive sinuses from this 3-layered mask that filters out germs of the flu season, allergies & pollution. The highly effective activated carbon in the filter is your fix to courageously going out. Its soft, itch-free & comfy fabric makes it perfect for your sensitive skin. Got to go out in rain? No worries! It’s water-resistant. 

#8 Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband

Being an outdoorsy girl can go hard on your skin. This multipurpose headband throws all the worries out the way! Wear it while running, hiking, cycling, riding, or hunting. Once you think you’re safe from the sun, dust, or wind, turn it into a stylish hair accessory, scarf, neck gaiter, or a neck warmer! It’s made from breathable material that absorbs sweat & dries quickly.

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