Dating Anxiety: How to Counter Dating Anxiety?

How to Cope With Dating Anxiety?

Social anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders across the globe. So, it’s very common to get anxious when interacting with potential dating partners.

We all get nervous about making a good first impression on people. All the labels of ”being the perfect match” for one naturally induces anxiety and worries.

However, this fear of rejection or nervousness ends up holding some people back and prevent them from having a love life they always fancied. But by wiring your brain to think alternatively, one can get over such sentiments to experience such beautiful moments to their fullest.

Today, we discuss some methods and tips suggested by experts to reduce dating anxiety:

#1 Uplift yourself. Speak about positive things:

You and your potential partner should be equally curious and interested in each other’s opinions, likes, and dislikes. Everyone has something great and interesting about them, whether it’s being kind, honest, funny, or being a foodie, the list goes on and on.

Share these things with your date. Teach them something new and fun about you. Tell them what you have to offer in a relationship. Start with light and flirty discussions and slowly transition into more in-depth stuff.

#2 Live in the moment and stay optimistic:

When you are in a situation that pushes you out of your comfort zone, think about positive scenarios. Try not to be judgemental and concerned about every little thing. This doesn’t mean you should lay your own self and thoughts over the interactions either. Rather, just ease into things.

Live in the moment. Being close-minded and judgemental about yourself will only hold you back even more. It won’t let you experience new things, meet new people. So, being open-minded and optimistic is very important in a relationship.

#3 Think less about yourself and more about your partner:

The key to healthy love life is to ’listen’. Listen to your partner’s words, notice their body language, make eye contact to really make your partner feel like you are interested in what they have to share and they have to offer in general.

Stay ’outside’ of yourself and try not to overthink. Try to remember what they liked, thought, felt, etc. Don’t worry about how dates might have gone in the past or the possibilities of doing something wrong. Try to stay in the present and only focus on the conversation your partner is having with you.

#4 Build a bond based on fun and trust:

Keep the discussions on your first date very light-hearted and positive. You do not want to come off as self-critic, especially with new people around you.

Avoid asking about and recalling traumatic and negative events and experiences. Always be mindful that the goal is to be growth-oriented and to have both people enjoy the interaction.

Find new places to go together and fun hobbies, games to play with each other. Be flirtatious, go on cute dates. Take the time to have fun and then think about the more serious things.

#5 Learn about each other:

Everyone has a different outlook on life, hence, we all have our unique perspectives to share. Be it a random stranger or a romantic partner, all of them have something new to teach you.

Try to learn it. Be curious. Learn about their experiences and their encounters in the world. Understand who they are as a person and where they are coming from.

What we can learn from all these tips is to take things slow and not pressurize yourself too much to fit-in some unrealistic mold of ‘perfection’. Invest effort and spend time to make your bond strong.

Be curious about things; ask them questions. Look for new ways to help you and your potential partner connect because the more comfortable and close you get to someone, the less you will anxious around them.

It’s also important to check in with yourself through the dating process and see how you’re feeling. If all of these do not work out and you still feel uncomfortable, sit back and breathe. It is OKAY to take a break from dating. Your well-being is the prime priority!

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