So many reasons cause breakups. Some reasons are genuine, while some of the reasons are not genuine. Any party can orchestrate the breakup; either the male or female can be the dumpers. Because of this, many people seem concerned and ask, “do female dumpers come back?”.

Yes, female dumpers do comeback but not often. The idea that “once a female dumper is out, she’s out” is untrue. This proverb also applies to men. Once a dumper is finished, they are finished.

This article’s main topic of discussion is whether or not female dumpers always return. In addition, this article will explain why a female dumper frequently returns.

Do Females Who Dump Men Come Back?

Yes, female dumpers come back just like anybody else. Although unlike the male counterparts, it may take female dumpers a few weeks to months before a change of mind.

But while it is possible for female dumpers to have a change of heart, the circumstances surrounding the break up can influence this decision.

If you were rude, unfair, or even abusive to them, they would never come back to you.

If they feel that you were domineering toward them and did things that went beyond what they thought they would forgive, they may have ended things permanently.

6 Factors Influencing Female Dumpers Returning

Do Female Dumpers Come Back?

The following are some possible factors that can make a female dumper change their mind:

1. Feelings for the ex-lover

Sometimes, a female dumper might still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, which could make her want to come back.

2. Relationship history

The past experiences and how the relationship was before the breakup can affect whether she considers getting back together.

3. Changes in the ex’s behavior

If there are positive changes in the ex-boyfriend’s behavior or situation, it might make the female dumper more likely to think about coming back.

4. Support

Supportive friends or family members might influence her decision to return, depending on what they say about the relationship.

5. Time

Sometimes, it just takes time for both people to heal and realize what they want, which could lead to the female dumper wanting to give the relationship another chance.

7 Signs That a Female Dumper May Come Back

Here are some:

1. Initiating contact

When a female dumper initiates contact after the breakup, it indicates a potential desire to reconnect emotionally. This contact might come in the form of a text message, phone call, or interaction on social media platforms.

2. Expressing regret or remorse

If the female dumper expresses regret or remorse for ending the relationship, it suggests that she may have unresolved feelings or doubts about her decision. This expression of regret could involve apologizing for any hurt caused during the breakup or acknowledging mistakes made during the relationship.

3. Seeking closure

Seeking closure post-breakup indicates that the female dumper is still processing her emotions and thoughts about the relationship. She may seek closure through conversations with the dumpee, aiming to gain clarity, understand each other’s perspectives, or resolve any lingering issues.

4. Showing interest in dumpee’s life

When the female dumper shows genuine interest in the dumpee’s life after the breakup, it suggests that she may still care about their well-being and want to maintain a connection..

5. Making future plans

Discussing or making future plans together implies that the female dumper envisions a future with the dumpee. This could involve talking about potential meet-ups, events, or activities to do together, indicating a desire to rebuild the relationship and create new memories.

6. Increased communication frequency

A higher frequency of communication post-breakup may suggest that the female dumper is seeking to re-establish connection and closeness with the dumpee. This increased communication could include more frequent texting, calling, or spending time together in person.

7. Emotional vulnerability

Showing emotional vulnerability, such as sharing personal struggles or expressing deep feelings, indicates a willingness to open up and reconnect on a deeper level. It suggests a readiness to work through challenges and move forward together.

Do Female Dumpers Ever Regret Their Decision?

It is not impossible for female dumpers to regret their decision, especially if they made it without deep thought. The regret could either be because she regrets leaving her partner or she regret reconciling with a partner after break up.

Will Dumper Ever Contact Dumpee?

Yes, they occasionally apologize but don’t count on it. It might take a very long time if they ever do. Since your ex is still in the honeymoon stage of her new relationship, it’s unlikely that she is currently thinking of you.

Do Dumpers Ever Reach Out?

Yes, but in reality, most dumpers don’t get in touch with their dumpees soon away. When dumpers break up with their long-term spouse out of abuse, they feel overly relieved. 

Do Exes Regret Leaving You?

Yes, exes regret leaving, especially when they feel lonely or fail to meet new people. Therefore, it would speed up and cause a feeling of remorse for leaving you if your ex is having trouble meeting new people or if they met someone who let them down.

How Do You Know if a Female Dumper Regrets Her Action?

You know if a female dumper regrets her action through the following indicators:

  • They begin corresponding with you.
  • They apologize for the split and admit they were to blame for things not working out.
  • They develop stronger affectionate bonds than ever.
  • They discuss their problems, particularly those related to their existing relationship.
  • They make an effort to right past wrongs.

Do Dumpers Get Jealous?

Even though they were the ones who dumped them, it is kind of selfish and natural for ex-lovers to feel jealous

They get resentful and, in some circumstances, upset that this ex has moved on and found someone new rather than delighted that they have done so. Because they are no longer the center of attention in the life of that Ex, they become envious.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Dumper Feel When Dumpee Moves On?

When the dumpee moves on, the dumper may feel a mix of emotions, including surprise, jealousy, and even regret.

How long does a dumper take to regret ending the relationship?

There is no predetermined timeframe for that, and it is impossible to predict whether or not any given dumper will grow to regret the split.


Yes, female dumpers are likely to come back if they have a change of heart. Note that change of mind by a dumper is not restricted to a particular gender. Any dumper returning back to the dumpee is a personal choice.

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