Believe it or not, you can fall in love in the most unexpected places, even during an algebra class. So, at this point, you probably have a crush on a girl in your college class, but you don’t know how to go about it.

Frankly speaking, you may be scared to mess things up before you even start. Sure, no one ever wants such.  To protect your interest, and ensure that you make the best of your shots, you probably may be asking or wondering “what is the best approach on how to ask a girl out in college class?”

Well, in case this is you, don’t worry, just keep reading to find out how to ask a girl out in college class with a positive result.

Things to Watch Out for While Approaching a Girl in College Class

1. Be certain about how you feel towards her

The first thing you need to do is to be sure about your feelings towards this girl. Being confused about your feelings can make you come across as not genuine. 

Take some time to think about what you admire about her. It could be her beauty, elegance, humor, intelligence, etc. Once you identify this, it is the first step to knowing how to ask her out.

Most times, girls want to know what you like about them. It shows that you are observant and took time to think about it.

2. Be mindful of how you approach her

Sure, this can turn out the trickiest part of the whole. That can be a bit tricky. When you approach a girl for the first time, you don’t want to come off as a creep. If you aren’t friends with her or have never spoken to her, your approach will be different. However, if you two are already friends, then it may be easy.

So, read on as we see how you can approach a girl you are meeting for the first time or one with whom you are already friends.

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How To Approach A Girl You Are Meeting For The First Time In College Class

First impressions matter when you are talking to her for the first time. Make sure your appearance is neat. Use some cologne so that you smell nice. Here are some tips for approaching her for the first time.

1. Try to get a seat beside her

If you notice an empty seat beside her, walk up to her and ask if the chair is available. Let us assume that the chair is available. Smile when you sit beside her and say a greeting. It helps you create a friendlier atmosphere.

2. Find something you both have in common

If you had a class together and could not sit beside her, you could walk up to her afterward and say something related to the class. It could be a joke about something that happened during the lecture.

It is okay to crack a joke as long as it is not insensitive. You can also ask if you could borrow her notes or what class she has next. If you have that in common, offer to walk with her to the next class venue.

It allows you to start a conversation. These simple questions may yield a positive answer that will guarantee you seeing each other again or having more conversations in the future.

3. Write a note

Alternatively, you can slip her a note asking these questions if you know that she may immediately leave class before you. She may also be the type to get swept away by her friends, so you need to act fast.

That may happen if you two don’t belong to the same social circle or have mutual friends. At this point, you don’t want to jump straight into complimenting her looks or professing your love. You might scare her off. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

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How To Approach A Girl You Are Already Friends With In College Class

It is easier to ask out someone you already know and talk to because you two are familiar with each other. You might be wondering, “what if she friend-zones me?”

The truth is, sometimes it is worth the risk. Here are some tips on how to ask a girl out in college class.

1. Suggest a date

Preferably, suggest an activity that she enjoys and then gauge her reaction. You could plan hangouts in casual places at first and then kick it up a notch by asking her out on a date to a restaurant or somewhere that suggests you’re interested in being more than friends. She needs to get the hint that you are interested in her as a romantic interest.

2. Give her compliments

You can show your interest by giving her compliments. If this is out of character for you, she might notice and become curious about why you are doing so. That is an opportunity you could use to tell her your true feelings.

3. Keep the conversation going

Now, you should have successfully figured out how you feel about her and mustered up the courage to approach her. If you’ve checked off those two steps, you’re making progress.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that you maintain a level of communication with her. This is a “no-ghosting zone”. You cannot disappear off the radar and expect things to go well.

Make an effort to send her a text or call once in a while. If you have a date with her, make sure you call before the date. It could be awkward if you two don’t speak again between the time you asked her out and the time you two plan to meet.

A simple call or text will show that you have been thinking about her and you are looking forward to the date.

4. Get to know her better

This is an important stage of asking a girl out in college class. It is often called the “talking stage”. Beyond the attraction and what was probably an amazing first date, do have any common interests? There is only so much you can learn about her from just one date. So, here are some tips to get to know her better.

Where To Approach A Girl You Want To Ask Out In College Class

You need to pay attention to where you approach the girl you are interested in a relationship with. Ladies tend to react differently in public than they would in private. Sometimes, a lady is on her guard when a guy approaches her in front of many people. She may get defensive, embarrassed, or ignore you completely.

You might want to play it safe and ask her out after class when there are few people around. The place does not necessarily have to be isolated. Let there be a few people present. The presence of others may help her feel safe if she isn’t familiar with you, but not so many people that would be a distraction.

1. Within the college environment

A good place to approach her could be after class when the teacher is through with teaching, so you do not get penalized for distracting the class. You also don’t want to get into unnecessary trouble. You can also ask her out at the cafeteria, but you should go directly to where she is seated and not yell it from across the hall.

2. Outside the college environment

You could ask her out at other places too such as an outdoor school event. These could be football games, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. Festive parties and picnics are also great places to ask her out. She is likely to be more relaxed and open to being approached by a guy who is interested in her.

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How to Get Along With a Girl You Meet in College Class

1. Ask about her hobbies

A good sign that girls appreciate a guy, is the fact that you are trying to get to know her. This is a way of showing that you are interested in what makes her unique.

Get to know what she does in her free time and what activities she enjoys.

When you know this, you can plan more dates around hobbies you both have in common. If she enjoys swimming, you can plan a date at the beach or a pool lounge area. If you are both football fans then how about you plan your next date for a football match between your favorite teams.

Try as much as possible to pick activities you both enjoy, otherwise the other person might feel burdened to pretend that they are having a good time. That can cast a wet towel on the whole outing.

2. Get along with her friends

Some wisdom must be applied in getting to know her friends, especially when you have made it clear that you are interested in her. You don’t want to create the impression that you are using her to get to one of her pretty friends.

Especially if she turns out to be the jealous type because that might not end well. Instead, you want to make her feel that she is important enough for you to try to be on good terms with her friends.

After all, most girls have a sacred circle of friends that might even have the power to influence your crush’s decision to go out with you or not. Be cordial with her friends but don’t be overly friendly to the point that you seem like a creep.

The level of friendliness you show should help create rapport between you and her group of friends. It isn’t wise to ask a girl out without at least getting to know her friends. Try to get to know them and be friendly. It also shows your friendly and accommodating side which can earn you some more respect and admiration in her eyes.

3. Spice Things Up

At this stage, you and your crush have probably been on a few dates and you are comfortable around her friends. They have grown to accept you too. You can’t afford to let the mutual interest fade out.

Don’t let her interest in you disappear because other guys admire her too. If you mess up, then they could step in.

Plan regular dates, they don’t have to be expensive. You are still in college after all. Maintain communication with at least a text or call if you can’t see in person. She will appreciate you for it.


Asking a girl in your college class out is absolutely a normal thing. However, these are general guidelines and they may be adjusted to suit the type of girl you are interested in.

Always remember that falling in love is like taking a risk. You may get accepted or rejected. The main focus is that you gave it a shot. If it does not turn out the way you expect, keep your head up high and remain friends with her if you can.

Sure, with this post, your query about how to ask a girl out in college class has received the best answers so far. Good luck shooting your shots at your crush! 

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