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List Of Food to Eat to Conceive Twins

Two babies are better than one. Some couples agree with this statement, and some do not. Either way, a baby not only brings sleepless nights and dirty diapers but also brings so many blessings and joy in your life. And if you are of the view that twin babies bring twice the blessings and joy then you might be trying to conceive for twins. Trying to conceive twins is like playing gamble.

You try to make the most out of whichever method you are comfortable with to win the odds of conceiving twins. From trying to learn more about your family history to fertility drugs or maybe even giving IVF a shot if you can afford it. These methods do increase your chances of having twins.

The diet that helps Conceive Twin Pregnancy

But what about food? Are there any specific foods you can eat that might help you conceive twins? Yes, there are. Food is the most natural way you can try to conceive twins. By adding the following food and making some alterations in your diet you might be successful and conceive twins!

  • Fruits and vegetable

A fresh bowl of fruits and vegetables is the key to every fit diet, but studies show that women who have a high intake of vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables tend to have higher chances of conceiving twins. Fruits such as organs, apples, and kiwis and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.

  • Sunflower seeds

As weird as this food particularly seems, women who have had twin pregnancies swear by this superfood. Sunflower seeds are generally a healthy snack. They are packed with vitamin B6 which strengthens the bones and reduces feeling fatigue during pregnancy. Although there is not much evidence regarding this food. Plenty of scientists have agreed that eating sunflower seeds might increase your odds of having twins and are good for pregnant women regardless of the numbers of babies she has conceived.

  • Meat

This one’s bad news for you if you are a vegan. A couple of studies show that consuming meat provides nutrients that may increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. So, if you are vegan then you might have fewer chances to get pregnant with twins. Although do not worry! There is plenty of other vegan-friendly food which you can consume and include in your diet to increase your odds.

  • Dairy products

Bad news for lactose-intolerant women or women who consume lesser dairy products. A study done in 2006 by Gary Steinman showed that women who are fond of eating multiple dairy products are five times more likely to have twins. This might be because of the growth hormones present in the milk from using insulin growth factor (IGF) hormones in the cows that cause hyper ovulation in women. So, when a woman consumes a larger quantity of dairy products, she is prone to release more than one egg during ovulation and this increases her chances of conceiving non-identical twins.

The most common supplement that all doctors recommend women to come during pregnancy to avoid any baby birth defects. However, if you are trying for twins, then you might start on folic acid supplements beforehand and increase your intake of foods that are rich in folate. This food mainly includes green leafy vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, broccoli, and avocado. Scientists have found some connection between folic acid and increased chances of conceiving twins. Hence, it is advised to stock up on folic acid as per your doctor’s recommendations.

  • Yams

Yams are an excellent food to maintain ovarian function and health as they are rich in phytoestrogen chemicals and progesterone. Both the hormone and chemical raise the chances of hyper ovulation. Hence, it is no surprise that this food improves your chances of having twins. This is supported by a study observed in Africa. Women in Africa have a diet rich in yam and thus have higher twins pregnancies than the entire global average.

  • Maca root

Most of you might not have heard of maca root. Maca root aids fertility in men and women who suffer from slight infertility. Increasing maca food in your diet will not only improve your odds for twins but also boost your libido and sperm count. Nevertheless, it is best to mention there is not sufficient evidence regarding maca root.

  • Complex Carbohydrates

A diet that contains high consumption levels of grains, beans, and legumes is a high complex carbohydrate diet. This diet helps you conceive twins as it provides your body with the necessary fibers from Vitamin Bs and folate. All these nutrients aid fertility and hyper ovulation. Therefore, it boosts your chances of having twins. Moreover, all these nutrients also diminish any risks of baby birth defects.

The Bottom Line…

Along with other natural factors like weight, age, ethnicity, and artificial methods such as IVF and fertility medication, the food mentioned above will also help you conceive twins. But whether you have conceived twins or not, the food mentioned above will equip your body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you and the babies (or baby) healthy.

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