Glaming up for a burnt orange dress doesn’t have to be a job. Your face is like a canvas; be creative with it. If you are unsure how to do it, I’ll teach you.

The best makeup for burnt orange dress are: warm brown for the eyes, deep red or coral for the lips and peach blush for the cheeks. This colour combination warms up your face against your dress’s burnt orange hue. 

In this blog post, I’ll show you different makeup ideas for burnt orange dresses. 

7 Makeup Ideas for Burnt Orange Dress

The following are make-up ideas for burnt orange dress:

1. Warm neutral eyes

Orange is a bright colour, and you need a warm face colour to complement the brightness. In that case, warm, neutral eyes are the best glam for a burnt orange dress. For your burnt orange dress, wear warm browns, soft peaches, or even a hint of gold. This will ensure that your face glam doesn’t overpower the burnt orange. 

2. Go for a copper or gold accent

Gold accent never goes wrong with a burnt orange dress. Apply bronze as the base and copper on the top for added shimmer. This colour will complement the orange dress effortlessly.

3. Go subtle with the lips 

Subtle lips are another makeup idea that gels with burnt orange. Your orange dress already has a lot going on, and subtle lipstick does the magic of keeping the balance. While the orange color is doing its thing, the subtle lip colour warms up your look. 

4. Opt for bold lips

For a more daring finish, wear deep red lipstick, terracotta, or even a bold orange to match your burnt orange dress. Make sure the finish of your lipstick is matte or semi-matte. Shiny lips don’t look great with this hue because it will draw attention away from your face and towards the shine on them.

5. Try monochrome

You can also wear monochrome makeup with a burnt orange dress, as this will offer a uniform, flattering effect. To achieve this look, wear orange coloured eyeshadow, and warm-toned highlighter on the high points of your face. Also, a blush in peach or coral shades will complement the warmth of a burnt orange dress and add a healthy glow to your cheeks.

6. Go for earthy eyeliner

For a chic burnt orange dress look, consider using eyeliner in dark green, deep brown, or rust for a softer, more integrated look that still defines the eyes.

7. Wear brown eyeliner

Wear brown eyeliner to warm up your eyes against the burnt orange dress. You can also define your eyes with coats of mascara to make them stand out against the warm tones of your makeup and dress.

What Color Makeup Goes with Burnt Orange Dress

When complementing an orange dress with makeup, aim for warm, earthy tones that enhance the dress’s vibrant hue. Bronze, gold, and warm browns are excellent choices for eyeshadow for a more harmonious look. 

You can also go for brown or black eyeliner to define the eyes, while black mascara adds definition and contrast. For the cheeks, opt for peach or coral blushes that mirror the warmth of the orange. Lips can vary from subtle nudes to bold corals or soft reds, depending on the desired contrast and occasion.


What matches with orange dress?

To match an orange dress, consider accessories and colors in earth tones like brown, gold, or beige.

What lipstick goes with orange eyeshadow?

With orange eyeshadow, opt for nude, peach, or coral lipstick to complement the warm tones, or go bold with a contrasting red for a striking look.


To compliment burnt orange dress with makeup, choose warm brown for the eyes, coral or deep red for the lips, and a blush colour in peach or coral. This will help create a warm hue against the backdrop of burnt orange. 

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