In research carried out some years ago, it was discovered that one of the wears that humans still haven’t fully explored is leggings. It is no longer news that some people find discomfort in leggings, which is a big blow to them.

And this would be our subject for today, as we will be tackling the question that says, why are leggings so uncomfortable?

No, leggings aren’t uncomfortable. Leggings are naturally comfortable and not uncomfortable. It could be that you are experiencing discomfort due to several reasons, which will be listed below as we go on to provide more answers for this.

Why Leggings May Not Be Comfortable?

1. Size

The size of leggings should always be at the top of the list if checking out what leggings you want to go for. Every other thing can be on hold, being that the size of the leggings is the number focus.

If you fail to pick out the right size, the level of discomfort you would get will undoubtedly cost you everything. By everything, I mean your joy. It would intensify the discomfort you will be experiencing.

So it could be that the leggings aren’t comfortable for you, ranging from the size which might have been selected wrongly.

2. Not Wearing It Properly

I often tell people that the leggings aren’t something you pick up, put on, and walk away. You pay attention to it. If you don’t, you will have discomfort at the end of the day. First of all, your attention should be at a higher level, so you don’t hurriedly put on the leggings without having to look in the mirror for fittings and the rest.

Not wearing it properly would cost you a lot, just like picking out the wrong leggings.

3. Your Body Hasn’t Adjusted To It

There is always a first time for everything. The first time you tried it on, you didn’t find it comfortable, and that didn’t sit down well with you. Well, it happens that way. And the fact that your body hasn’t adjusted or gotten used to it has made you draw this conclusion.

This is why you aren’t feeling it like you should. The adjustment matters greatly, and if you haven’t gotten to that stage where you have gotten adjusted to it, it would certainly be uncomfortable for you.

4. You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Private Areas

Unlike jeans, the leggings cling to the private areas, which can sometimes bring discomfort for some people. Like my mum would always say, everyone with what works best for them. This means that, while there are very comfortable people with leggings clinging to the private areas, others don’t.

It could be that you feel uncomfortable in it, which has caused you to view it as not fit to be worn by you because of the discomfort through its clinging nature.

5. Uncomfortable Due To Its Tightness

I wouldn’t expect everyone to fall in love with the leggings just because it clings to the body in a way that I find comfortable. I can’t say the same for everyone. Some people find discomfort because of the nature of its clinginess which they do not appreciate.

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Do you fall into these classes of people? If you do, it will be deduced that you feel uncomfortable due to its tightness. Not everyone finds it cool when they have clothes on that presses their skin. I believe this is the same for you.

6. High Waisted On A Bulging Tummy

If you have a bulging tummy, and you put on the high waist leggings, which sort of making visible your bulge causing you to appear in a way you don’t appreciate, you fall in the category of those who do not find leggings to be comfortable.

It could also be that you aren’t comfortable due to how the high waist leggings cling to the bulge. Yes, any one of the above-mentioned can pose to be why it isn’t comfy for you.

How To Make Leggings Comfortable For You

1. Go For Your Body Size

To find comfort in leggings, the number one thing you should do should be to go for your body size. Go for the leggings that you know would suit you and fit into your body rightly. We all can attest to the stretchiness that ascribes to the leggings. However, it comes in sizes.

Just because it is stretchy doesn’t imply that it can fit perfectly on your body. Please, do not make mistakes with this. Check the sizes and if possible, try the leggings. Doing this will get you on the safe side.

2. Wear Properly

Foremost, jeans and leggings are different, insinuating that one of them requires the most attention. And that is the leggings. Unlike jeans that you put on and walk out, the same action can not be replicated for the leggings. The number one thing you should do would be to check the side that belongs to the front and the side that belongs to the back.

After that, you make adjustments in places where it is required, such that there is a fitting. Kindly take some time to look at the mirror too, so that the leggings are appropriately worn.

3. Wear It Often

You are finding leggings uncomfortable because your body hasn’t gotten used to or adjusted to them. The fact that you wore it just once or twice doesn’t mean you will fall in love with it instantly. Well, some people do. But for those who don’t, you are to wear it often before finding comfort in it.

The more leggings you wear, the more comfortable you will get over time. If you still want to give it a shot, develop the habit of always wearing leggings. That way, you would get used to it quickly.

4. Get Liners

If you feel discomfort in your private areas, you can opt for solutions or other means to overcome this aspect. For instance, getting a pant liner to be used on your underwear before wearing the leggings wouldn’t bring about discomfort.

Moreover, if you aren’t putting on undies while you have your leggings on, you are bound to feel uncomfortable. If you find yourself doing this, then you should put a stop to it.

Get the nontransparent undies and use a panty liner on them. That way, you wouldn’t feel otherwise, such that the leggings aren’t directly pressed to your private areas.

Here are a few nontransparent undies that you can use for your leggings.

They include;

1. Amazon Essentials Seamless/No Show Panties

Amazon Essentials Seamless/No Show Panties (XS - XL) for Legging, Low Rise Hipster Underwear Braguitas

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Undies with seams can be a handful, especially when worn with wears that make it visible. This is why I prefer using the seamless undies that are best worn with leggings and other types of wear.

You can easily have this worn with your panty liner, so your leggings aren’t directly pressed to your leggings. The amazon seamless panties make room for such.

2. VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women No Show Thong Underwear

VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women No Show Thong Underwear Women 5-10 Pack (C-5 Pack Basics, Medium)

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Other seamless undies that can be used with panty liner are the Voenxe thongs that become less visible when worn. It works excellent with liners as such, and it wouldn’t bring discomfort to your private areas.

This is one of my favorite seamless thongs, with the best quality material. I have worn it countless times with my leggings, and trust me, it works great with it, and it never brings discomfort to my private areas. I believe it will work best for you.

5. Make It Less Tight

Did you know that you can adjust your leggings in ways that would make them comfortable for you? Yes, it is very much possible. It has to do with adjusting the leggings by having it widen slightly, so it slacks off and doesn’t get too tight on you.

For this method, you have got to be extremely careful, so you don’t get the leggings overly wide or slack the leggings.

Another way to make the leggings less tight for you would be to avoid going for undersized leggings. You go for the correct size that you know would fit right on your body.

6. Don’t Wear High Waisted Leggings If You Wouldn’t Be Comfortable

If you do not want to feel uncomfortable with your leggings, refrain from wearing high waist leggings. Although, if you are sure that you can handle it, good.

Sometimes, high-waisted leggings can make one feel off a bit. It can affect one, especially when they’ve got a bulging tummy. The best thing to do would be to go for leggings that aren’t high-waisted. This way, you aren’t feeling discomfort in any way.


Leggings are uncomfortable due to several reasons or factors contributing to their discomfort. In the article, these reasons and factors have been elaborated upon, with ways to overcome the discomfort.

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