Why My Boyfriend Wants Me to Call Him Daddy? [Answered by Certified Psychologist]

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Intimate relationships help you explore what your preferences and interests are during intimacy. Your boyfriend may have given you a hint or brought up that he would like it if you called him daddy in bed or occasionally throughout your day. Which might have made you curious that why does my boyfriend want me to call him daddy?

Often males have a fantasy or like being called daddy because it symbolizes power. Yes, daddy does mean father, but in intimate relationships, the word daddy has a completely changed meaning. The word daddy is included under dominant and submissive relationships. Calling your boyfriend daddy is like calling him boss, master, or even sir. It has nothing to do with your father or any fatherly issues.

Dirty, sexy, and hot phrases like these trigger the erotic senses of the brain. Your boyfriend feels powerful if you call him daddy. He will feel more dominant and it may increase his sex drive towards you. This leads to him feeling more in control and stronger than you. However, you might also want to see how your partner reacts to it when you call him daddy, despite the fact if he asked for it or not. If your boyfriend feels creeped out or does not like it then you should stop. However, if it turns him on or he likes it then this is your green signal that continues calling him so. Some couples often find it humorous and joke around about the word daddy.

Top 4 Reasons: Why Your Boyfriend Wants You to Call him Daddy

Asking your boyfriend upright why he wants you to call him daddy will satisfy your peace of mind. For most men, it is about the dominance in a relationship and bed or others it makes them feel powerful. Though, if you do not plan to ask him straight up then below are a few reasons why your boyfriend wants you to call him daddy:

#1 Dominance is his game

Most guys like being dominant in the relationship. They like to feel more in control which boosts their alpha male complex. Feeling dominant all the time increases the sexual appetite of most men. Though daddy has a naughty sound to it, it does increase your boyfriend’s sexual appetite and drives him crazy.

As mentioned previously, the word daddy has nothing to do with your and your father’s relationship. Just like calling your partner baby or babe out of love has nothing to do with being an infant.

#2 He feels the responsibility

As dominant your boyfriend feels when you call him daddy, he also feels respected and feels the sense of responsibility of taking care of his girl. Guys believe that if their girl calls them daddy, they have earned their respect and love. They see the word daddy as a title earned by their girl who is satisfied with them. It makes him feel like he is the responsible one and the “man” in the relationship.

#3 Triggers him to feel more in power & control

When your boyfriend feels dominant, he also feels like he has some control over you. This makes him feel more powerful and influential than you. He feels like you have submitted yourself to him, and he has an excellent impact on you. If you will do things in the wrong way then the boyfriend (daddy) will have the right to punish his girl in a sexual way while his girl asks for forgiveness. This is a way to trigger the erotic sense of some guys. Or if the girl wants to buy something then on the billing counter she can call her boyfriend as; ‘are you gonna buy me this candy, my big daddy?’; this example illustrates how the girl is playing with the mind of her guy.

In a way, you are more than happy to serve him. Your boyfriend feels like he is your savior and feels the need to protect you. This makes him feel like the head of the household and your protector.

#4 It is all about preference and attraction

A study states that women are more attracted to strong and financially stable men. Both these qualities make men powerful, and men like feeling powerful. Calling your boyfriend daddy also makes him feel powerful, like the authority figure. Hence if you call your boyfriend daddy, it will increase your attraction towards each other.

Some men like being called babe or honey by their partner, others like being by more naughty terms like daddy in private. Whatever pet name you give your boyfriend will be given out of love. So regardless of what you call him, as long as he feels loved by it, he will be fond of the way the pet name sounds.

Should You Call Your Boyfriend Daddy? But How?

I believe and suggest couples spice up their personal life and if something can make it happen then do not resist yourself back. If you have trouble calling your boyfriend daddy then the tips mentioned below will assist you in calling him, daddy:

  • Firstly, try calling him daddy jokingly and make jokes about it. This will allow you to get used to the alienated word daddy.
  • If calling him daddy out loud feels too weird, then try using it in texts or whispering it in your boyfriend’s ears
  • Initiate calling him daddy during flirting will help you gain confidence
  • Associate the word daddy with actions that turn him on i.e., kissing, making out, or in bed
  • Do not call him daddy when his friends or family are around
  • Calling him daddy when he is angry or upset is a big no
  • Use the word daddy when you are teasing him

In Conclusion

Dirty talk enhances the trust between two individuals and builds up their relationship. Incorporating the word daddy in your intimate relationship will boost intimacy levels. If your boyfriend is uncomfortable or has requested you to not call him daddy, then you should stop.

However, if your boyfriend is getting into it or has brought it up that you call him daddy then associate the word with steamy moments between you two. Calling your boyfriend daddy will make him feel dominant, and he will feel more in control. This will result in a healthy intimate relationship which is excellent for both of you!

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