One of the most genuine ways of showing affection is through kissing. It is among the purest expression of love. Most couples use kissing as a medium to express love and reaffirm their affection towards one another. In most intimate relationships, Kissing is common. But, Do FWB Kiss?

Yes, most FWB Kiss. Friends with benefits share intimate relationships and are likely to kiss when making out or in bed. After all, kissing is the initial form of intimacy in bed with FWB.

However, even though kissing is fine between FWB, kissing outside the bedroom would be crossing the boundaries of a non-romantic relationship.

To maintain an FWB relationship, exempting all forms of romantic activities with your FWB is important.

Below are the types of kissing friends-with-benefits they should avoid to maintain their relationship.

Do FWB Kiss in Public?

No, most FWB does not kiss in public. But it depends mainly on the agreement between the FWBs. In most friends-with-benefits relationships, both parties usually agree to be discrete and avoid the display of affection towards one another, especially in public.

Kissing in public is an overstepping of boundaries In relationships, most FWB avoids that.

Also, to ensure that the zero emotional attachment rule in FWB relationships is maintained, people avoid kissing each other outside the bedroom. They also avoid any form of public emotional display.

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3 Types of Kisses FWB Should Avoid

Here are the types of kisses FWB Should not have together:

1. Forehead kiss

Forehead kisses are magical. They depict love and have deep meaning. Constantly giving your FWB forehead kisses can spur feelings and even make them fall in love with you. So, reserve your forehead kisses for your partner. For healthy Friends with benefits relationships, they should be no emotional attachment.

In FWB relationships, when one person develops feelings for the other, it ruins the entire aim of the relationship. That’s why you should avoid all physical actions (such as kissing on the forehead) that would likely spur up your FWB emotions.

2. Avoid good morning kisses

After making out with your FWB, avoiding spending the night together is best. But if you spend the night together, you should abstain from giving each other good morning kisses. Good morning kisses will likely linger in the recipient’s mind for the rest of the day, thus perfect for romantic couples. Avoid affectionate acts such as good morning kisses to maintain boundaries in FWB relationships.

3. Do not give each other goodbye kisses

From the onset of an FWB relationship, it is important to set boundaries. These boundaries will help maintain the no-strings-attached rule in the relationship. One of the boundaries to avoid overstepping is goodbye kisses.

While this might seem harmless, it is one of the subtle acts that could make your FWB develop feelings for you. It is a casual relationship, so avoid kissing each other goodbye if you are not interested in building a romantic relationship.

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15 Rules to Guide Your FWB Relationship

Here are some rules to guide your FWB relationship:

1. Avoid developing any emotional attachment towards your FWB

Falling in love with FWB will complicate the situation and ruin the relationship. Developing feelings for an FWB is easy, especially because you have sexual encounters with one another. But there are ways to reduce the tendency to fall in love. From the onset, it is important to make it clear that it is not a romantic relationship.

2. Both of you are allowed to go out with other people

There is no commitment whatsoever from both sides in FWB so that you can go out with other people. FWBs are free to hang out with others, go on dates, and have sexual encounters with others.

Your FWB partner might even have several other partners their make out with. Bearing in mind that you both are not bound by anything will help you respect boundaries and have a healthy FWB relationship.

3. Set valid boundaries and respect them

After agreeing to be FWBs, the next important step is to set reasonable boundaries. These boundaries are rules and guides that would create the ideal demarcation needed in such a relationship.

Do not have any expectations from an FWB, such as commitment. Also, avoid reaching out to an FWB to provide you with emotional support or get annoyed if they forget your birthday. Setting boundaries is an ideal way of creating differentiation with an.

4. Do not mix up your feelings

Yes, it is already to care about your FWB, especially if you have been good friends before the relationship. However, avoid mixing up your feelings and overshowing your care. Your FWB is neither your boyfriend nor girlfriend; always remember that. And even though hundreds of FWB relationships have transformed into romantic ones, it is not advisable due to the agreement from the onset.

5. Do not be curious about your FWB relationship

To keep things casual, you must avoid being too curious about their lives. You both are in the relationship for fun and not to get to know each other. So, avoid asking numerous questions about their lives, work, family, etc. Your FWB will reveal all you should know about yourself, so if they conceal anything, you are not supposed to know it.

6. Do not have FWB relationship with a good friend

For a great FWB relationship, avoid having it with your friend. You are more likely to get infatuated and fall in love with your friend when you share intimate moments. Moreover, an FWB relationship will one day end, and the people usually involved part ways with each other. Having an FWB relationship with your friend will ruin your friendship when you eventually end the relationship.

7. Do not maintain FWB for a long time

FWB relationships are not romantic relationships that could lead to marriage. An FWB relationship will eventually end even after a long time. So, to avoid getting too attached to your FWB or any other complications, you’ll need to keep it short. Consider ending the relationship when you have been together for a long time. Also, when setting boundaries, you both can agree on a time that’s right now.

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8. Don’t ever get jealous

If your friends with benefits are hanging out around other people or even in a relationship with someone, you should not be affected. It is probably normal to have a wave of jealousy since there is a sexual relationship going on between you two.

However, you must curtail these feelings, especially if your relationship was clear from the onset. Seeing your fwb hanging out with other people should help you come to terms with the no-commitment agreement in the relationship.

9. Do not treat each other as though you are couples

Dinner dates, passionate hugs, forehead kisses, holding hands, etc., are all for couples. Do not do any of that with friends with benefits partners. Treating your FWB partner as though you are dating will complicate things. Your FWB partner will even think you are interested in a romantic relationship. So, constantly reaffirm the type of relationship you share.

10. Do not call or text each other often

As friends with benefits, avoid constantly calling or texting your FWB, especially to check up on them. If at all you need to text or call, it should be to let them know the time you want them to come over. An FWB is not someone you reach out to whenever you need someone to talk to. They are not your best friend or partner that you can chit-chat with anytime you want.

11. Do not spend the night together after making out

After making out with your FWB, do not spend the night or allow them to sleep over. They are not your partners. So, once you are done having fun, you should leave or ask them to leave. Avoid asking your FWB to spend the night or hang around after an intimate moment. Spending the night together is one of the subtle acts that could make you develop feelings for one another.

12. Be discreet about your FWB relationship

Do not tell everyone who cares to listen about your FWB relationship. It is not a romantic relationship, so why go about spreading the news? You and your FWB can discuss where you would agree on who needs to know about the relationship and who shouldn’t. Healthy friends-with-benefits relationships are maintained when left within the walls of the bedroom.

13. Do not confide in one another

Confiding in one another is one way that would make you grow fonder of one another. This can make you uncomfortable with each other and ruin the no-emotional feelings arrangement you agreed upon. Having too much knowledge regarding your FWB relationship could make you develop feelings for them. So, please don’t talk with your FWB.

14. Avoid each other’s personal life

As friends with benefits, there is no need to know or get involved in each other’s personal life. A friends-with-benefits relationship is a casual relationship and should be maintained as such.

Getting involved in their personal life will make your FWB feel like you are in a relationship, and that’s not what you want. To maintain your friends with benefits relationship, resist getting involved in their personal life and have only intimate conversations.

15. Do not always act as their hero

It is alright to protect your FWB when they are in danger or when they need your help. But to avoid complicating your FWB relationship, you shouldn’t show you care a lot about them. Always acting as their protector will make them feel like you are interested in a romantic relationship.

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How Do You Know If Your FWB Is Falling for You?

Here are five signs your FWB has fallen in love with you:

1. They become Jealous when you hang around others

One of the obvious signs that your friends with benefits have fallen in love with you is that they show jealousy when they see you around others, talking about other women/men or when you mention you have a date.

2. They are overstepping the laid-down boundaries

Most friends with benefits agree on some boundaries at the beginning of their arrangement. These boundaries are meant to help maintain the no emotional attachment to the relationship.

Your friends with benefits are developing feelings for you if you notice them constantly crossing the boundaries in the relationship. For instance, if they are now constantly texting or calling you when your boundaries frown against that.

3. They become committed to the relationship

Another sign your friends with benefits have fallen for you is if they become committed to the FWB relationship. They avoid going on dates, having intimate relationships, or hanging around other people.

4. They tell mutual friends about your arrangement

If you and your friends-with-benefits partner agreed on being discreet about the relationship. Then suddenly, your friends are aware of the relationship, it might be a sign they are developing feelings for you.

5. They miss you

If they have grown fonder of you or have developed feelings for you, they can not withstand not being around you for long. For instance, you spend a few days away from them, and they tell you how much they have missed and longed for you. That’s a clear sign your friends with benefits have fallen for you.


Friends with benefits can be ideal, especially for people who dread committing. However, it can be a hassle, especially if it is your first time. You would have questions like “Do FWB Kiss?”. Well, as mentioned above, yes, f kiss when making out. But there are scenarios that kissing is unnecessary between friends with benefits.

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