Friends with benefits have been in existence for a long time. People value the freedom of always being able to spend time with a close friend without making any commitments.

But because you did agree to no commitment doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have feelings. It is natural to develop feelings towards people you spend a lot of time with, whether it is sexual or not.

Which brings us to the question “is it normal for FWB to get jealous?” Yes, friends with benefits will sometime feel jealous as this is an inherent part of every human. We could see the person we like to spend time with interacting with other persons and a longing for them to be around us arises.

However, it is also normal and healthy not to experience jealousy. Everyone is unique, and it is important to remember this when attempting to place what is normal or not.

Nevertheless, when you notice feelings of jealousy, one of the first things you should do is explore your emotions. Jealousy can indicate that you are developing more intense feelings for your FWB.

Perhaps you want to know more about jealousy from a FWB, keep reading this blog post to learn more.

How Can You Tell If Your FWB Is Jealous?

1. If they stalk you

Another sign of jealousy would be when your FWB stalks you or follows you on social media. They could look through your social media accounts to see if you posted anything nice about yourself or what you did last night.

It also might be to see who you’re with and what you’re up to. They may even hire someone to spy on you, hack your social media accounts, or demand that you explain why you have some conversations.

When you start noticing stalking, it is an indication of unhealthy jealousy from a FWB.

2. If they begin to doubt your friendships with others

It’s also a strong sign of jealousy when your FWB wants to know all about your relationships with other people. Expect them to ask around just to verify all that you told them.

3. Getting annoyed when you give others compliments

If you want to know if your FWB is jealous, observe their reaction as you give those around simple compliments. Once your partners throw temper tantrums over insignificant compliments, they are displaying jealous behavior.

4. Checking in on you regularly

You can tell when someone is pretty jealous by how often they check in on you. Receiving a few messages or phone calls indicates that your FWB is concerned about your well-being.

When they call you repeatedly, especially when you’re out with friends, it’s a sure sign of jealousy.

5. Getting furious when you’re doing something without them

Fuming when your FWB decides to spend time with friends or elsewhere demonstrates jealous behavior.

6. Making endless inquiring about your past

Even if your previous relationships are irrelevant, an FWB who exhibits jealousy would want to know these details. So if you refuse, they will become enraged. Their jealousy fuels their insatiable desire to know more about your past.

What To Do If FWB Is Possessive?

1. Speak with someone

Talk to a reliable mutual friend about your friend-with-benefits situation. Inquire about suggestions. It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge but do so with tact. Also, avoid sharing anything too personal.

2. Communicate with your FWB

Make it clear that you care about the friendship and value them as a friend, but that you are starting to believe the benefits are wearing off. Try communicating as clearly as possible to know why they are being possessive.

3. Take a breather

If the possessiveness is the result of developed emotions, take a break to get some space before returning to being just friends. Inform them that you believe things are becoming more intricate than you anticipated.

4. Call it quit

They are, after all, your friend. Talk to them and find out if they saw it coming. It was fun while it lasted, however, the time has come to move on.

Explain why you should put an end to things and assure them that you are still available to them as a buddy. Just ensure you both consent to keeping your friendship alive.

How Do You Avoid Emotional Attachment In FWB?

1. Set the ground rules ahead of time and ensure you both consent to them

Don’t just play it out to see what happens. If all you want is just an FWB relationship, you have to agree to that.

Nobody wants to be hurt, so if you don’t think you’re capable of FWB because you will get attached easily, don’t put yourself in such a situation.

It is not worth it, and it is not suitable for everyone. However, if you want it to work, you must reach a binding understanding from the start.

2. You are not required to be present at all times

If you don’t want to hook up one night, you don’t have to. The thing about an FWB is that it’s intended for both of your pleasures, so if you can’t be bothered in just one night, you don’t have to agree.

3. Your FWB should not be a part of your social life

Your FWB is only supposed to be there for you sexually when you need them. You should not invite them to dinner or parties with your friends.

They are only supposed to be in your life for a brief duration; don’t extend the invitation by bringing them into your social life as you’ll start making memories and feelings will develop more easily.

4. If you start having feelings because you can’t control them, it’s time to put an end to the FWB relationship

You can’t make feelings go away, especially if you sleep with the person regularly. You must tell them and separate yourself since you do not want your emotions to grow stronger, especially if they do not reciprocate them.

It’s wise to move on since your relationship was made explicitly clear from the onset.

When Should You Cut Off FWB?

Here are four indicators that you should no longer see your friend with benefits:

1. Unhealthy jealousy

Do you have feelings of jealousy, stress, or anxiety about your FWB? It’s difficult to comprehend that this situation isn’t based on dedication.

You or your FWB may start to see other people, either seriously or just for fun, which may cause an emotional shift.

This is completely natural, and it will happen, but when it becomes unhealthy jealousy, you need to reconsider your decision that seeing this person is just a casual hookup.

Jealousy symptoms can help you realize how deeply involved you are, resulting in an obvious shift in how the friendship is perceived.

Before deciding to leave your FWB, speak to them, share your feelings, and give them the option to accept or reject it.

2. You don’t feel at ease

The most significant reason to end your friendships with benefits is if you are uncomfortable and insecure. Hooking up with a FWB ought to be liberating and empowering, not stressful.

If meeting people at random isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly fine. There is no need to compel yourself into a condition out of fear of losing a friend or insecurity caused by an outside source.

Consider how the FWB relationship makes you feel and whether it is improving your sexual life.

Friends with benefits can quite be a pleasurable and simple experience. You should be completely at ease with the situation, and if you aren’t, you ought to be able to address your concerns or anxieties with your friend.

3. Everything is on their terms

Interested in hitting up your buddy only to be turned down, but finding yourself ecstatic at the prospect of hanging out with them? Then you might have a problem.

In a scenario like FWB, fairness is critical. Hanging out has to be mutual and not dependent on one person.

The ultimate basis of a friend with benefits arrangement is that both sides are having fun and no one is subjected to the high emotional level of waiting patiently on calls.

4. It’s causing havoc in your friendship

First and foremost, you are friends with your FWB. That is the foundation of the entire situation. Take into account how you both will move on if your FWB relationship ends or if either of you meets someone else.

With all that, you can strengthen your friendship and reassure one another that the heart of all of this kissing and FWB is your friendship. If being a friend to one’s FWB seems to be too difficult, it may be time to call it quits.

Final Thoughts

Friends with benefits are typically the ideal relationship for most people, and as you can see, it could quickly escalate into something far more unexpected.

It is very easy to get emotionally attached to your FWB partner. If you start to have thoughts and emotions for your FWB, you should inform them as soon as possible and then see if they share the same feelings.

It’s pointless to keep going and punishing yourself if they do not want much from the relationship.

Keep in mind that when you keep a FWB, there is always the possibility that one of you will develop feelings for the other over time, and if this occurs, be honest and open so that no one gets hurt at the end of the day.

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