Asking a girl for her number on Instagram might seem like an easy task. After all, you’re talking to someone who has a picture and username right in front of you. However, if you want to ask a girl for her number and have her say yes, there are some things you need to do. Asking someone out is always risky, but with these tips, you can get what you want without making the other person uncomfortable or annoyed with your advances.

As easy as it seems, so many guys find it difficult. This is why this article will show you how to as a girl for her number on Instagram. But, before we continue, we need to know if it is okay to ask a girl out on Instagram.

Is It Okay To Ask a Girl Out on Instagram?

Yes, asking a girl out on Instagram is okay, but only if you do it the right way. It’s important to remember that Instagram is just like any other social media platform. It’s not a dating site, and you’re not going to find your future wife on there. But you can use it to meet people with similar interests, get dates or make friends.

So if you want to ask a girl out on Instagram, by all means, do it. Just make sure you do it in a clear way that doesn’t come across as creepy or awkward. There are two main ways that guys try to ask girls out on Instagram:

The first one is asking them directly on their profile page. This could be in the form of an actual question: “Would you like to go grab coffee sometime?”, or just tagging them in a photo and saying something like “Let’s go swimming.” This can work well if the girl follows you back and has seen your photo before tagging her in it, but otherwise, it might come off as over-the-top and desperate.

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How to Ask a Girl for Her Number on Instagram

Like I said, asking a girl for her number on Instagram can be simple. Sometimes, it is as simple as saying, “Hello, can I have your contact?” And sometimes, it can be way more complicated. Some ladies do not respond well to strangers, which is why you need to be more diplomatic about your approach.

Follow the steps below for tested and trusted hints on how to as a girl for her number on Instagram.

1. Like her pictures

The first step towards talking to a girl on Instagram is to actually go through their profile. Make sure you do not stalk her, but you can do the following:

  • Like her pictures
  • Comment on her pictures
  • Ask her to tag you in her pictures
  • Ask her to follow you, if she doesn’t already

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2. Slide into her DMs

If you want to ask a girl for her number on Instagram, the easiest way is to DM her. This is how most people get numbers these days; it’s not as common anymore to just ask someone out in public or explicitly say, “I have this friend who wants your number.”

Here are some ways you can slide into her DMs:

  • Ask her a question, or make it seem like you’re asking a question about something she posted that day. For example: “Can I get your advice on what kind of dog food I should buy?” Then ask for the number at the end of the message if she responds positively.
  • Tell her something nice about herself and then ask for the number after saying something like “You’re so cool” or “You look great today”. You’ll be surprised how often girls will give it up just because they feel flattered by your compliment.
  • Pretend like it’s no big deal and just throw out a casual invite like, “Do you want to go see a movie with me sometime?”

3. See if she checks your profile

When you’re asking a woman out on a date, she checks out your profile. If she likes what she sees, you should follow the same rules when asking her for her number.

Look at her pictures. Are they taken in interesting places or with interesting people? Do they give off an air of adventure and/or spontaneity? Is she smiling in them? Smiling is generally a good sign when it comes to dating someone or giving them your phone number.

Look at her bio. Does it tell you anything about who she is as a person? Does it mention that she’s looking for someone special, or does it just say “I’m single”? The answer is probably no because most people don’t write their bios in the third person unless they’re trying not to get picked up on a date. That could be the case. Maybe this girl doesn’t want anyone else to know how much fun they are until after they’ve given me their digits.

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4. Give her your number

Now that you’ve gotten her to agree to go on a date with you, it’s time to get her number. This is the most important step in getting a girl’s number because if she doesn’t give it willingly and easily, then nothing else matters.

5. Get to know her

Asking a girl for her number might seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these steps, it should be much easier to get the digits you want.

First of all, before you start messaging her and asking her out on dates, try to get to know her. Ask about what she’s interested in and what she likes to do for fun. If she mentions something specific that resonates with you, such as yoga or hiking, it’s a great way to start some conversation. But don’t just ask questions all night long. Take turns answering each other’s questions until one of you feels comfortable enough with the other person’s interests and personality that they would feel comfortable exchanging numbers with them.

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6. Let her get to know you

It’s important to be yourself when you’re talking to a girl. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be honest, confident, polite, and natural. Being straightforward is also key. Don’t beat around the bush or play games; just ask her for her number already.

The most important thing here is getting out of your comfort zone. If you’re not used to doing this sort of thing, that’s fine, and it takes time and practice. But it’s also good practice because it helps build confidence in what you do, which makes everything else easier.

So before we get into asking for numbers specifically on Instagram, let’s talk about how asking someone out works in general terms so we can see how these tips apply across all mediums of communication with women.

7. Show that you are different

To stand out in your Instagram messages, you have to be different. In the world of social media, there’s nothing worse than an ordinary person who just repeats what everyone else is doing. You have to be yourself and make sure that people know that you are different from everyone else they follow on Instagram.

Be confident, but not arrogant. It’s very important that you come across as someone who knows their own worth without coming across as cocky or pompous by any means. People can tell when you’re being genuine about something and when it’s all just for show.

Be a gentleman. Showing respect for women goes a long way towards making them like you more quickly than if you were rude or disrespectful towards them at all times during conversations with them.

8. See if you have common interests

To make the most of your time, it’s best to know what common interests you share with your crush. This will help you pick the right content for your posts and give you something to talk about when messaging her. If she has similar hobbies and interests as you do, that’s great. You can simply post photos of yourself doing what you love or ask her some questions about it. For example: if she likes cooking and baking, ask if she knows any good recipes for cookies or cupcakes. Or, if she likes animals, ask which zoo is her favorite place to visit whenever they’re in town.

If there are no clear shared interests between you, don’t worry. Just try asking questions about general topics like books or TV shows that everyone watches.

9. Be confident and natural

Be confident and natural. If you’re shy, it will show; if it shows, then she might think that getting to know you will be awkward. Don’t be afraid of asking her out, though. That can make her feel special when someone is willing to risk rejection to ask them out or get their number.

Ask for feedback on your photo before posting it on Instagram. Ideally, ask her what she thinks about your photo first so that you have something else to talk about other than just asking for her number, which can also lead to talking about your photos.

10. Flirt a little, but be polite

Flirting can be tricky, so it’s crucial that you don’t cross the line into creepy territory. Don’t be too forward by commenting on her looks or posting a picture of yourself shirtless in your bathroom mirror. And don’t be too subtle by posting an ad for your local shelter for women and children.

It’s also important not to come across as overly aggressive or shy. You want to strike a balance between being polite enough not to offend but confident enough that she’ll want to meet up with you in person and maybe even go out with you again.

11. Talk about things you have in common

Having things in common with a girl is crucial for building a relationship. You can talk about anything or everything you have in common, whether it be your interests, goals, passions, or family and friends. You can also find out about their hobbies, or if they like the same movies as you do.

This is an easy way to get her interested in you because if she’s interested in what you have to say, then obviously, she’ll want to get closer to you so that she can hear more of what comes out of your mouth.

12. Understand your motives for asking for her number

Before you ask for a girl’s number, it’s important to understand the reasons why you want her number in the first place. You’ll need to be honest with yourself about your intentions and whether they are genuine.

  • Are you asking for her number because you have a genuine desire to get to know this girl?
  • Or is there some other reason that makes sense only within your own head?
  • Do you really believe she’d be interested in seeing more of each other? If not, then why would she agree when all you’ve done so far is say hello?

13. Wait for the right moment

When you ask for a number, it should be natural. You don’t want to ask her for her number when she’s away from her phone or if the conversation is going in another direction. Waiting until there’s an opportunity will turn your request into more of a question.

That means that the best time to ask is when:

  • You’ve had an interesting and fun conversation with her or at least one where you’ve had some laughs.
  • She’s engaged in what you’re saying, no matter how long it takes or seems as though she’d like to keep talking/listening to what you have to say.


If you follow these steps, asking a girl for her number on Instagram will be much easier. Just remember that it can take a while before she gives you her number, so be patient and don’t worry too much if she does not respond immediately. Make sure you have something interesting to say when talking with her because this will also help create an emotional connection between you.

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