The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scholarship Program is an annual international scholarship program designed to provide fully-funded studentships for two years of undergraduate or postgraduate studies in any discipline at a university of choice.

This scholarship is most coveted among scholars from developing Asian countries because it grants access to prestigious universities worldwide. As a female graduate, you can also get ADB Scholarship. ADB scholarships are awarded to outstanding female students interested in studying abroad and obtaining an international education.

If you have already completed your high school education, this guide will help you find out how to get an ADB scholarship as a female graduate. If you still want to learn more about ADB scholarships and their eligibility criteria, read the rest of this article.

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About ADB Scholarships

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scholarship Program

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a multinational development bank that offers loans to developing countries in Asia. It was established in 1966 and headquartered in the Philippines to finance projects which help developing countries reduce poverty, improve infrastructure and productivity and strengthen economic growth. As of 2015, ADB had 67 members, including 48 from within Asia and 17 outside of it.

Through a scholarship program started in 1988 with assistance from the Government of Japan, ADB offers bright individuals from its developing member nations the chance to continue postgraduate education. ADB offers scholarships to students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in one of the ADB regional member countries.

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The ADB scholarship Program awards scholarships to students from developing Asian countries who want to study at universities or other higher education institutions in Asia. Over 2,000 students receive ADB Scholarships each year for their studies at universities throughout the region. It’s an opportunity for young people to study and work in Asia. The program offers undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, executive and PhD studies scholarships.

The ADB scholarship offers a chance to gain valuable skills and experience in the region. It aims to develop qualified leaders who contribute to their country’s economic growth and development. At 20 renowned colleges in the area, scholarships are given out for terms ranging from one to two years. At participating academic institutions throughout the Asian and Pacific Region, courses in economics, management, science, and technology, as well as other fields important to development, are available.

The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation, health insurance and living expenses for four years. The amount varies depending on nationality and where you study.

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What Is Included With the Scholarship?

The ADB scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, subsistence, a book allowance, health insurance, and travel costs. A thesis/research allowance is given to students working on their theses to help prepare. The cost of improving one’s language skills and computer literacy may be funded by the scholarship in exceptional cases when additional training is considered necessary.

The scholarship is for one (1) year, with the possibility of extension into the second year of study, if necessary. This is subject to the scholar continuing to perform at a level deemed satisfactory by the institute. You may use the scholarship award for a master’s program for two (2) years.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

With the ADB Scholarship, qualifying students can receive complete remission of their tuition costs in order to attend one of the participating colleges.

To be eligible for the ADB Scholarship as a female graduate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a female graduate from a developing country. The list of countries that qualify for this category is available on the ADB website.
  • Be a citizen or a borrower member of the ADB.
  • Not possess dual citizenship with any advanced nation;
  • Having been admitted to a master’s program at a designated institution that has been approved.
  • Possess an excellent academic record and a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent.
  • Possess a minimum of two (2) years of post-college full-time professional job experience at the time of application. To pursue studies, a candidate must be proficient in both oral and written English communication.
  • Not be older than 35 at the time of application unless waived in exceptional circumstances with the Government of Japan’s express approval.
  • Accept to return to and work for at least two (2) years in her home country after finishing her education under the program to aid in the development of that nation.
  • Not be an executive director, alternate director, member of management, staff, or consultant of ADB, or a close relative of any of the aforementioned by blood or adoption.
  • Not work for organizations that the ADB scholarship program has designated.
  • not be employed or residing outside of her country of residence.
  • Not already registered in graduate programs.

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What Are the Documents Required for ADB Scholarship?

Here are the documents required for ADB Scholarship for females:

  • The most recent income tax return or certification of their yearly or monthly wage, whichever is available, must be submitted by applicants.
  • You should also provide certification of family income (parents’ income).
  • You should send all copies of academic transcripts and the properly completed application forms to the institution six (6) months before the start of the intake.

Application Process for ADB Scholarship

The application process for the ADB scholarship is relatively simple. You will need to download and fill in the application form, attach all required documents and submit the form electronically to ADB.

Following these procedures will help applicants apply for ADB scholarships;

Step 1: Submit an inquiry

Request information and application materials from the prospective students’ preferred academic institution (s). To help them choose the academic institution and course they want to enroll in, applicants are urged to use various materials, such as the websites and handbooks of the institutions, as well as institution information sessions hosted in-country.

Step 2: Apply for the scholarship

  • Those who wish to be considered for the ADB scholarship should let the academic institution know they are applying for admission.
  • The academic institution shall receive the completed institution application form along with the necessary papers, including the ADB scholarship application sheet form.
  • Applicants must make sure their documentation is precise and comprehensive.
  • Failure to do so could result in an application not being processed or in the termination of an award if it turns out that the supporting documents or material was fraudulent.
  • You should submit your scholarship applications at least six months before you want to start your studies.
  • Download the MS Word or PDF application for the scholarship.
  • Application cutoff dates vary by institution.
  • See the official website for further information.

What Are the Selection Criteria of ADB Scholars?

The selection process for ADB Scholars is based on the following criteria:

  • Candidate qualifications.
  • ADB shall give the ranking or order of merit recommended by the designated institutions’ precedence.
  • Preference for female candidates.
  • Applicants with less financial means will be given preference.
  • In theory, applicants who have previously studied abroad will not be supported by the program.
  • In general, applicants seeking a second master’s degree won’t receive assistance from the program.
  • It’s possible that candidates who apply at a designated institution in their nation won’t be chosen.
  • ADB will consider the diversity of nationalities at the overall program level and each designated institution level.
  • Candidates with a higher potential to hold senior positions in development-related work and who have shown a professional interest in and desire to support development in their home nations will be given preference.
  • The candidate’s proposed fields of study should be closely related to their academic training and professional experience. It should be in line with either (a) the operational priority areas of the ADB’s long-term strategy or (b) the top concerns and development challenges that Japan’s ODA addresses.

Important Considerations for ADB Scholarship Applications

1. There is no need to submit a different application to ADB.

2. Send the institution the filled-out application form and copies of all of your academic transcripts at least six months before the program you want to enroll in begins.

3. Only applicants who have been admitted and approved by the academic institutions participating in the competition will be considered for the scholarships by ADB.

4. The following expenses are not covered by the ADB:

  • Family expenses for the scholars
  • Extracurricular training
  • Additional travel during the study program
  • Additional costs related to supplemental educational materials, field trips, or participation in workshops, seminars, or internships while at the DI
  • Purchase of educational equipment like computers.

5. You should hold off on making any decisions regarding your current employment or anything else until you have heard from the institution that you have been awarded a scholarship. Completing the information sheet or being admitted by the academic institution doesn’t imply that you’ve been accepted for a scholarship.

6. Once a candidate has received an ADB scholarship, they are no longer eligible for another one.


More and more female students are receiving ADB scholarships as there are increasing numbers of scholarships available for female students. Hence it is beneficial to consider applying for scholarship schemes from various funding bodies like ADB.

If you are starting your career as a female graduate and want to access some financial support, then start applying for ADB Scholarship. Female candidates are allowed to enroll for this scholarship; however, there are various criteria you may be able to meet to apply for these scholarships.

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