So, you had a one-night stand with someone you know or you barely know recently and the experience was satisfying. You had a terrific time. Chances are, you have developed some sexual attachment and would not mind having an FWB relationship.

Apparently, you are not alone. Recently, a question was dropped on a dating advice site asking “can I turn a one-night stand into FWB.”

Most great FWBs are built from a one-night stand. So, it will be pretty easy to turn a one-night stand into FWBs.

If you want to turn a one-night stand into FWB, you can simply be straightforward, have a clear conversation and say something like

The other night was fun and I enjoyed myself. I would love it if it would be consistent and I’m thinking we can have a friends-with-benefits relationship.

Being precise with what you want is the best way to build a relationship with no strings attached after a one-night stand. However, below are Tips to turn a one-night stand into FWB.

10 Tips on How You Can Turn a One-Night Stand Into FWB

To turn a one-night stand into a friends-with-benefits relationship, follow these simple steps:

1. Talk to the person

As stated earlier, the most feasible way to turn a one-night stand into FWB is to be straightforward and talk to the person. Schedule a meeting and talk to them about what you want.

Talk calmly and make it clear that you only want a relationship with no strings attached. If he or she had a good time during the one-night stand, they would probably accept your proposal for FWB.

2. Avoid talking or making plans for the future

To be successful in making someone accept to have a FWB relationship with you, it is paramount that you avoid talking about or making any plans about the future during the conversation.

This is because making plans about the future will make you look clingy and probably scare them away. Simply keep the conversation fun and light-hearted.

3. Allow them to decide without any pressure

After stating what you want, you must give them room to make their own decisions. You should not pressurize them or result in emotional blackmail. If they say “no” accept their decision and respect it.

However, if they want to give your proposal some thought, you should respect that. Give them time to ponder on the pros and cons of having a one-night stand with you. You should avoid bombarding them with texts and calls. If they have reached a decision, they would surely reach out.

4. Compliment them

If you are interested in turning a one-night stand into an FWB relationship, you should consider complimenting the person. Be flirty and tell them how good they were while making out.

Humans are usually softened by compliments, that’s why complimenting them might go a long way in convincing them to accept an FWB relationship. For instance, you can say something like

Hey, last night was terrific, you are the best and I love how you made me feel. Do, you mind if we have an FWB relationship?

5. Establish a healthy connection with the person

To make yourself likable and accepted for FWB after a one-night stand, ensure to build a healthy connection. Be light-hearted, fun, and calm when hanging out together.  Build a lasting bond by being yourself, and also be easygoing and smart.

You should also have a good sense of humor. Establishing a healthy connection after a one-night stand is a fruitful way to build a great FWB relationship.

6. Avoid seeking attention or being clingy

Another tip for turning a one-night stand into an FWB relationship is to avoid being clingy. Constantly being clingy or demanding attention will only weigh the person down and they would probably not want to have any form of relationship with you. Make it clear that you are not looking for any emotional attachment.

7. Be fun while making out

If you are interested in having an FWB relationship with someone after a one-night stand, it is pivotal to ensure you are exciting in bed. That way, you will establish chemistry and make an impression. In most cases, being good in bed will make them keep coming back for more, which is a great path toward establishing an FWB relationship.

8. Do not appear desperate

After indicating your interest in having a Friends-with-benefits relationship with someone after a one-night stand, composure yourself and don’t appear desperate. Yes, it might be difficult, especially if they are really attractive.

However, Appearing desperate and being clingy will only jeopardize your chances of building any relationship after the one-night stand. So, resist being desperate and accept whatever decision they make.

9. Ensure you both are in it for the right reasons

FWB relationships are only fun and meant only to let some steam out once in a while. There should be no strings attached or any form of emotional entanglement. Ensure to be crystal clear with one another before even beginning the relationship. This is to prevent each other from getting hurt in the long run by getting jealous or even falling in love.

10. Set boundaries

If you have successfully established an FWB relationship after a one-night stand, it is important to set boundaries. These boundaries will help the relationship work. Both of you should be on the same page and decide who needs to know.

Also, understand that it’s only for fun, you and Your FWB should not expect any commitment from one another. Setting boundaries will help you build a healthy FWB relationship free from any chaos.

Can a One Night Stand Turn Into Something?

Yes, a one-night stand can turn into something. It can turn into a beautiful relationship and the people involved can become the most loving couple. Research has shown that on a scale of 1-10, 4.5% of one-night stands have turned into long-term relationships.

This depends on the persons involved and the connection that exists between them. Developing an emotional connection with someone after a one-night stand is actually common. Both persons can fall in love and build healthy relationships.

How Do You Get a One Night Stand to hook Up Again?

So, you had a good one-night stand and you can not wait to hook up again. Here’s how to make a one-night stand want to hook up again;

1. Be good in bed

One of the most effective ways of getting a one-night stand to keep reaching out is by being excellent at making out. Ensure that the chemistry aligns and you are not boring to be with.

2. Reach out via a seductive text

The best way to make him aware of your intentions and probably consider hooking up again is to be precise and mention exactly what you want. Doing this will definitely trigger a positive reaction from the person.

3. Have a good sense of humor

To make a one-night stand reach out again, be fun to be around, and be easygoing. Everyone loves to have a good time and not be bored. The person will more likely want to be around you if you are exciting and fun.

Meanwhile, if you have successfully hooked up with a one-night stand again, make sure you keep it fun and avoid attaching any emotional feelings to the relationship.

How Do You Let Someone Down After a One-Night Stand?

After a one-night stand, it is important to keep things clear and make the other person understand you don’t want to hook up again. To do this, simply do not contact the person anymore. Give them subtle hints that you want nothing to do with them again.

However, if the person is persistent, then it is best to have a clear conversation. Be bold, clear, and respectful during your conversation.

Is it right to have any feelings for FWB?

No, you shouldn’t have any emotional attachment to FWB. This is because you both are in the relationship for fun, with no strings attached. Having feelings for FWB will only get you hurt.

Is hooking up the same as Friends-with-benefits?

No, hooking up is not the same as Friends-with-benefits. Hooking up is a one-time thing and it is usually done with someone new. While Friends-with-benefits implies people who are having an intimate relationship without any strings attached.


There you have it, that’s how to turn a one-night stand into FWB. Turning a one-night stand into an FWB relationship should be easy, using the laid-out tips in this article. Simply be easygoing, fun to be with, and respect the laid down boundaries for a healthy FWB relationship.

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