“Don’t cut your nails after sunset, it’s a taboo” – That’s what we have been told for ages. I remember when I was younger, my mum would always put restrictions on what we should and shouldn’t do at night.

One of the most common things she frowned at was cutting nails at night. I have been puzzled by this for a long time. But is it really bad to cut nails at night?

No, it isn’t bad to cut your nails at night. There is no scientific evidence to prove the belief that it is bad to cut your nails at night. In fact, there are some benefits of cutting your nails at night, such as softer skin and less bacteria growth.

However, for a long, there have been numerous claims that cutting your nails at night brings bad luck or will make you sick.

But is that true? In this blog post, you will discover some of the different superstitions about cutting nails at night from around the world. I will also help you decide whether or not it’s bad. So, read on. 

5 Superstitions About Cutting Nails At Night

1 The Japanese culture 

In Japanese culture, it’s believed that cutting your fingernails at night will give evil spirits easy access to your body. They believe that those evil spirits will enter your body through the new cuts in your fingernails. In Japanese folklore, bad spirits only lurk around at night; therefore, to protect yourself, you should avoid cutting your fingernails at night. 

2. The ancient China belief

Another superstition that has fueled the claim that it’s bad to cut your nails at night is that which originated from ancient China. This belief claims that cutting your nails at night opens up your doors for bad spirits to penetrate your house. They also believe that clipping your toenails when cutting them at night somehow contains or manifests a bad spirit.

3. Indians belief

In India, the natives are discouraged from cutting their nails in the evening. It’s a widespread superstition in India that cutting nails at night causes bad luck and sickness in the home. This belief has been passed from generation to generation in India. 

4. The Filipinos belief

In the Philippines, there are diverse cultures that believe that cutting your nails at night will make you sick or poor. It is said to bring bad luck, and a lot of people, especially the elderly, discourage people from engaging in it. 

5. In Malaysia 

The superstition that it is bad to cut your nails at night is also prevalent in Malaysia. They believe that you might see a ghost or a ghost might visit you if you cut your nails at night.

6. In Turkey

Another place where this superstition is popular is Turkey. In Turkey, the natives believe that cutting your nails at night can lead to premature death. They believe that it’s bad luck to cut nails at night and might make you die at a younger age.

7. In South Korea

Just like Turkey, South Korea has the same superstition that it’s bad luck to cut nails at night. It is said that those who cut their nails at night are likely to die prematurely. Cutting your nails under dim or poor lighting makes you vulnerable to bacteria and infections, which can lead to death if not tackled. 

As I mentioned earlier, the claim that cutting nails at night is bad has not been scientifically proven or backed. Above are some of the most popular superstitions surrounding the claim. 

Religious Stance On Cutting Nails At Night 

1. In Islam

In Islam, it’s not haram to cut your nails at night. No hadith talks about the appropriate time for cutting nails. You can cut your nails whenever you want, regardless of whether it’s daytime or night. 

However, Muslims are encouraged to trim down their nails as they are the dirtiest parts of the body. This implies that you should keep your nails tidy when they begin to get dirty. 

2. Christianity

In Christianity, there is no specific teaching about whether or not you should cut your nails at night. However, some believers say it is best to avoid cutting your nails at night because it is a time for relaxation. They argue that cutting your nails at night can be disruptive and can interfere with your sleep.

While other Christians see no harm in cutting nails at night. They argue that the Bible does not explicitly prohibit cutting nails at night. Therefore, there is no reason to see it as a sin.

3. Other religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism 

In Hinduism, the followers are asked not to cut their nails during sunset and after sunset. It’s said that doing so will upset goddess Lakshmi and can negatively impact you financially. Therefore, you should avoid cutting your nails in the evening or after sunset. 

4 Factors You Should Consider Before Cutting Your Nails At Night

1. Your personal preferences 

Some people believe that it is bad luck to cut your nails at night, while others believe it has no negativity. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with.

2. The risk of infection 

There’s a risk of infection if you cut your nails at night, as your hands may be more likely to be open to bacteria and dirt. However, you can minimize the risk by washing your hands thoroughly before and after cutting your nails. 

3. The risk of injury

You are more likely to injure yourself while cutting your nails at night. Especially when you are doing it without proper lighting or if you are tired. To reduce your chances of getting injured, you should take your time and be careful when cutting your nails. 

4. Your schedule 

If you are short on time in the morning, you may decide to cut your nails at night as a convenient option. This factor can influence your decision on whether or not to cut your nails at night. 

Final Words 

No, it’s not bad to trim your nails at night. There are a lot of claims and superstitions around the world that place restrictions on cutting nails at night. Some of these superstitions believe that cutting nails at night causes bad luck, poverty, and even premature death.

But none of them are backed up with scientific evidence. Therefore, deciding whether or not to cut your nails at night depends on your personal preferences. 

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