The primary reason I avoid salon nail treatments is my concern about UV light’s potential adverse effects. Having heard numerous stories, I’ve been hesitant to expose myself to it. However, when I discovered Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, I felt compelled to try it. If you’re curious about whether Sally Hansen Miracle Gel requires UV light, I’ve conducted the research so you can skip the uncertainty.

In my experience, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel does not require UV light for curing. Unlike traditional gel nail polishes that need UV or LED lamps to set, Miracle Gel is formulated to dry and harden with exposure to natural light. It’s designed to provide a gel-like finish, making it a more accessible option for at-home use.

In this blog post, I’ll explain how Sally Hansen Miracle gel cures, how to apply it, and the common issues to expect. 

Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Work with UV Light?

How Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Cure?

How Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Cure?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel cures through a process called photopolymerization. This involves the interaction of the gel formula with natural light, specifically ultraviolet (UV) and ambient light. The Miracle Gel system contains a unique blend of ingredients that respond to light exposure by undergoing a chemical reaction.

Here’s a simplified explanation of the curing process:

  • After applying the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish to your nails, the gel remains semi-liquid.
  • The curing process begins when the nails painted with Miracle Gel are exposed to natural light, which includes both UV and ambient light.
  • The formula of Miracle Gel contains photoinitiators, which are compounds that become active when exposed to light. These photoinitiators help to set the curing process in motion.
  • When the photoinitiators in the Miracle Gel formula absorb light, they initiate a chemical reaction within the gel. This reaction causes the gel to harden and form a durable, glossy finish on the nails.

How to Apply Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

How to Apply Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

My ears were full of reviews of Sally Hansen miracle gel, and I decided to find out myself. I started by cleaning my nails with nail remover to clear off residues from the previous manicure I had. I proceeded to apply two thin but even coats of miracle gel, brushing from the base to the tip. While at it, I cap the free edge of my nails to prevent premature chipping.

I waited for five minutes for it to dry. Afterwards, I sealed it with Miracle Gel shiny top coat to give it a glossy finish. Since a UV lamp is not required, I waited 50 minutes for it to dry in natural light. Well, you might not need to wait that long if you are doing a single coat. The result I got is just as everybody said it was —smooth and glossy.  

Common Issues with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

The outcome was impressive but definitely not salon mani standard. That could be because I am not a professional. But there is a likelihood that you’ll get a perfect result if your polishing game is top-notch. So, I guess the blame is on me that they weren’t so perfect. 

Nonetheless, I like that I could get my nails done without going through any major stress or UV lamp exposure. However, although it was dry to the touch within 50 mins, it didn’t become smudge-proof till about 2-3 hours later. I feel it would have smudged if I had gone about my day after 50 minutes. 

So, I’d advise that you use this nail polish when you are free to give it ample time to set fully. While Sally Hansen Miracle gel is not bad altogether, the curing time is also not encouraging. Who has 3 hours to wait for a nail polish to set? 

Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Last like Regular Gel Nail Polish?

While Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is designed to provide a longer-lasting finish compared to regular nail polish, it may not last at requires UV or LED curing. 

In my experience, my Sally Hansen manicure lasted 6 days before it started chipping. I’ll attribute that to the fact that I never picked my nails or engaged in any major hands-on activities except showering. There is a probability that it may not match the extended wear and durability if I did. 

Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Work with UV Light?

Final Words

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a user-friendly option for achieving a gel-like manicure without needing UV light. Its special curing process provides a durable and lasting finish comparable to traditional gel systems. With no requirement for special curing lamps, Miracle Gel is convenient for at-home use, offering a glossy appearance, extended wear, and chip resistance.

Just follow the application instructions for optimal results. Whether you prefer natural light or want to avoid UV exposure, Miracle Gel provides an easy way to achieve a salon-quality look

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