Dating sites are great because they give you a platform to meet other singles in your area and get to know them before you make that first date. So, How Can I Find Out if My Boyfriend Is on Dating Sites? Let’s find out.

Steps to Find Out if Your Boyfriend Is On Dating Sites

Method A

1. Access their browsing history on shared devices

To access someone’s browsing history, you should first ask them to let you have a look at their phone, tablet, or computer. They should be happy to let you do this if they have nothing to hide. If the person refuses, this could be a sign that they are hiding something from you.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to look through all the websites someone has visited on a shared device such as a phone or computer because hundreds of pages may be stored there. However, there are ways around this problem:

  • There is software that allows users to see what websites other people visit in real-time. This means that it would not take long for somebody who used such software on their partner’s phone/computer/tablet, etcetera; they could probably check out all these different devices within minutes.

2. Google their details and profile photo

The first step is to use Google search to find their profile. Entering your partner’s name and then clicking on “Images” will give you all of the results that have anything related to their name.

This step can be done by searching for them on Instagram, photos of people who look similar, and tagging them as your boyfriend on Instagram so that you can see if that person has an account on the dating site. This may take a while, but it will help you narrow down who they are looking at online.

3. Join the most popular dating sites and apps (for a test)

Join the most popular dating sites and apps. If you want to catch your boyfriend in the act, you’ll have to join a few of the most popular dating sites and apps. If he’s on those platforms, you’ll see him there too. Then, look for his username. The most common place where people will post their username is in their bio or profile description. Most users don’t want everyone to know their real name, so they use a clever alternative instead (which could be what your boyfriend is doing).

Also, look for his photo or email address. While trying to find out if your boyfriend is on dating sites, look at the photos next to each user’s name. If there are any photos of men who look like him (or even feature other guys who look like him), then that could be evidence that he has an account on this site too. You should also carefully search his profiles because people sometimes include contact details such as phone numbers or emails. If you find any email addresses ending with ‘@gmail,’ the person used Gmail when signing up.

4. Use a dating profile reverse search site

Search for information about him online. You can take advantage of free reverse search engines like ( and ( to find out if they exist.

5. Try making a profile with their email

You probably think your boyfriend has nothing to hide from you at this point. It never hurts to check.

If he’s using an app like Tinder or Bumble with a “report” button on his profile, tap it and send a message saying someone else is using their account without their permission. If the dating site doesn’t respond within 24 hours (or whatever timeframe they specify), try another email address: his work address if possible, or even his one if you want to get imaginative about things. 

This time around, include details about yourself that are different from the first time, like a fake name, age, location (new city), and job description. Don’t forget to change your photo too. Maybe try artsy and whimsical instead of showing how much better-looking you are?

6. Try the “forgot password” trick

If you want to find out whether your boyfriend is a member of an online dating site, there are several ways you can go about it. One way is by using the “forgot password” feature. This will allow you to reset his password and change it so that he can no longer access his account. You can see if he responds by telling him that someone tried to log into his profile on one of these sites or even telling him that you saw what was going on and that it isn’t okay with you.

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Method B

1. Make your account and search for them

To begin, you should make your account with a different email address, name, location, and age. The more you distance yourself from your boyfriend’s account searches, the better. If he uses his photo and username, this will be harder to do, but it is still worth trying.

Next, create a fake profile for him on every dating site you can find. You will also want to create a new password for each one so that there are no apparent connections between them all (use something like ‘123456’ for each). Finally, ensure everything on each profile is correct: birthday, location, etc.

Finally, browse through these profiles until you find one that matches what you know about him and set up an alert so that if anyone messages him, they get sent directly to your email inbox instead.

2. Search for their username online

You can use Google to search for their username and see if they’ve been active on dating sites. To do this, go to and type in “username” along with a few of your boyfriend’s interests or hobbies (for example, if your boyfriend is into playing sports, you could add “baseball” or “basketball” to the end of his username). This will bring up results that contain his username in them. It will likely be in these results if he has an account on a dating site.

Another way to find out if your boyfriend has an account on a dating site is by searching for him on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If he uses these platforms often enough that he would post about having found someone special online yet hasn’t shared anything about meeting someone new off-line, there’s something fishy going on here.

3. Reverse image search their favourite selfie

First, use a reverse image search tool to determine if your boyfriend is on dating sites. This will allow you to see the source of the images in his profile pictures. If he’s using a photo he found online or taken by someone else. This may signify that he’s trying to hide who he is.

A reverse image search can also help you identify whether those selfies are already circulating on the web. So if your boyfriend has been photographed at events where other people were present, it’s likely that others have taken similar photos and posted them online.

4. Ask to exchange phones and computers to check

The best way to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you with dating sites is to ask him for his phone or computer. If he’s cautious, he’ll be okay with this request since it’s only a small invasion of his privacy. But if he has something to hide, he’ll likely refuse your request or make an excuse as to why he can’t give it to you. Although, doing so would be more intrusive than simply giving you access while temporarily using another device.

If you get access and there is nothing suspicious on either of these devices (no strange texts or emails), then there is probably no reason for concern. However, if his phone has been wiped clean or cleared of anything that could offer evidence about an affair (and some people even go so far as deleting their browser history), this may indicate guilt from him.

5. Look for IRL signs they’re on dating apps

You can also keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone and computer. If he’s not very tech savvy, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to hide his activity from you. Check what websites he visits and what apps are installed on his phone. You can even look at his browser history or extensions/add-ons to see if any dating sites or apps have been accessed recently.

6. If you still have doubts, call a private investigator

If you’re still not convinced that your boyfriend is on dating sites, don’t hesitate to call a private investigator. A professional can help you with your situation and find out exactly what’s happening in your relationship. They can do this through an investigation and other methods, such as using a surveillance camera or listening device to track down any evidence of infidelity.

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What Do You Do if You Find Your Boyfriend on a Dating Site?

If you find your boyfriend on a dating site, it’s best to sit down and have an honest conversation with him about it. You can ask him if he is ready to commit to you or if he still wants to date other people. If the answer is yes, ask him why he created a profile on that particular site and his intentions behind using it.

If he has been honest with you and told the truth about his use of dating apps, then ask him if there is anything else in your relationship that needs work before moving forward as partners. It might be helpful for him to delete his profile so that no one else can see his face and recognize who he is when they look through their profiles on these sites later on down the line.

Then maybe consider joining an online support group where others share similar experiences. This way, everyone knows what goes wrong when things like this happen.” You can also do the following: 

1. Have an honest conversation with your boyfriend

Before you assume that he’s cheating on you, ask him what he is doing and why. If your boyfriend has a reasonable explanation for being on the dating site, such as to reconnect with old friends or maybe see if there are any new people in his area, this may not be cause for concern.

2. Ask him if he’s ready to commit to you.

Suppose your boyfriend isn’t ready for a serious relationship. In that case, it could be that he thinks it would be easier to find someone else through online dating than through face-to-face interactions because it doesn’t require nearly as much commitment from him.

That said, if he says “yes” when asked whether or not he wants something meaningful with someone else in the future (especially if this happens multiple times), then this is causing concern and needs further investigation before proceeding.

3. Ask him to delete his profile

The next step is to ask him to delete his profile (in case he is ready to be committed to you). First, you have to be careful that he doesn’t see your request and then make up a lie about why he’s no longer on the dating sites.

For example, if he says that he never joined those sites, but you found evidence of his membership in another account, then that could be problematic for both of you. If this happens, I would suggest telling him that you want him to delete both accounts from every site and app before getting into any details about how or why they were there in the first place.

It’s also essential not to ask him either, “Are there any other profiles?” or “Are there any other dating sites?” Instead, ask him something like: “I want us both to feel free from suspicion when interacting online, so can we please delete all profiles on all websites and apps (and their related email addresses).

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Final Thought

The best way to find out if your boyfriend is on dating sites is by asking him. However, having this conversation may be tricky because you don’t want to appear jealous and insecure. You can also use other tactics, such as monitoring his phone activity to determine if he is using dating apps. For example, you can set up an app on his phone that will alert you whenever he opens Tinder or Grindr.

This way, you will know if there are any suspicious signs of cheating, but it still won’t cause any suspicion since you are just being proactive about protecting yourself from getting hacked by someone else.

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