Getting over an Ex is among the most difficult things to do on earth, especially if both people involved shared numerous special moments. Oftentimes, you may even feel like getting back together with your ex. It may sometimes make you reason if it is not too late  to get your ex back.  But it is not entirely easy if you’ve been separated for a long time.

According to most relationship experts, broken relationships are best fixed when the breakup happened recently, and both people involved are willing to sort things out via communication. However, what happens when you and your ex have been apart for several months or even years but you can’t get over them? You tend to keep dwelling on their thoughts. So, How Long Is Too Late to Get Your Ex Back? Let’s find out.

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Can It Be Too Late Get Back With Your Ex?

No specific number of days, months, or even years is tagged as too long to get back together with your ex. Breakups can serve as stepping stones to learning valuable lessons that improve your relationship. No matter how long you and your ex have been apart, if you are sure of what you want, you can still try to win them back.

Rekindling old relationships, especially after being apart for a long time, requires proper understanding, patience, and compromises. That being said, just because you and your ex have been apart for years doesn’t necessarily mean there is no chance of getting back together.

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Signs It Is Too Late to Get Your Ex Back

Here are a couple of signs that prove it might be too late to get back to your ex: 

1. Your ex is already in a new and profound relationship

Oftentimes, it can be tough and nearly impossible to get back together if your ex already has a new partner. If your ex has already moved on, we think it is best for the both of you if you do not get involved. 

If you want your ex back simply because they are now in a new relationship, then it is not because you love them and want to be back together. You miss what you used to share, and you are not happy with the idea that they are now with another person.

Meanwhile, always remember that trying to break up your ex and their new partner will only make them grow fonder of each other, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

2. You spilled due to mental or physical abuse

If you and your ex ended the relationship because of physical abuse or if one of you is facing any serious instability, then the chances of you mending your past relationship are nearly impossible.

Meanwhile, if you and your ex had a toxic relationship, then it is not a great idea to consider reconciling. To be honest, the relationship should never have begun initially. Even though a lot of relationships can be fixed, in these sorts of situations, you should move on and forget your ex because it can be really difficult to get back with your ex.

Also, in situations when abuse was involved or things were toxic between you and your ex, we advise you to forget about this person and try to get someone that understands you. This is not only because getting back together can result in more damage to both your mental health but also because you both had a genuine reason for spilling up.

3. You both ended the relationship because there were triple cases of infidelity or cheating

If you were the one that cheated multiple times in the relationship, or you were the one that was cheated on several times, then the chances of fixing the relationship with your ex are super slim. Also, even if you both were able to mend the relationship, even though it is highly unlikely, they not be trusted, and you shouldn’t expect the relationship to last long. 

4. You have begged and pleaded with your ex but to no avail

We tend to make lots of mistakes when trying to get back together with our Exes. Some even go as far as harassing their ex. This can drive your ex further away from you instead of getting them back. Reconciliation usually takes a while and is to be done slowly. Unfortunately, what a lot of people tag as the best way to reconcile with their ex is usually the exact opposite of what they should be doing all along.

Constantly harassing your ex when trying to get back together will only ruin your chances of ever reconciling with one another, especially if it has been more than a year since the breakup. Being extreme will only be you chasing your ex away.

Meanwhile, if you have tried getting your ex back using all the methods you have, and it is not working, we recommend you search for any relationship counselor to help you get over your ex, meet new people, learn from past mistakes, and ensure to make your next relationship worthwhile. 

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Should I Wait for My Ex to Get in Touch With Me First?

No, you should not wait for your ex to contact you first. Whenever you feel you are ready to mend things, you should contact them. The no contact rule is always advised to help both individuals heal from the breakup, get over the pains, and find ways to fix your broken relationship. If you have been able to mend and heal in a certain way, then you can reach out to your ex for dialogue and slowly build a new relationship. 

However, if you keep waiting for your ex, your ex might never reach out to you because they may also be waiting for you. Also, if you are waiting for your ex, you are not moving on with your life. If you want to forget what has happened, then you should not wait for your ex but focus on moving on and improving yourself.

How Long Should I Wait for My Ex to Come Back?

Just like we mentioned above, waiting for something to happen on its own is simply wasting your time and should not even be an option. Taking a step and owning up to what you want by preparing yourself for the outcomes should be the best option. 

Also, if you are interested in getting back together with your ex, we advise you to take action. Of course, it should be after you have reflected and understood what you want. You should also not be desperate and have regained confidence in the relationship. You should find out if getting back together is the right decision for you.

Finally, if you are sure you are ready, you can try to reach out to your ex and try mending your relationship. And if it did not work out, then accept it in good fates, and move on. You can try by going on dates and also meeting new people. 

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Why You May Decide to Get Back With an Ex Even Though it is Late

Aside from the fact you still love them and care about them, or that you still miss and adore them, or You still want them around, there are still strong reasons to consider getting back together with your ex and building a new relationship.  The following are the reasons you can decide to get back with your ex even though it seems late: 

1. Trust can help in mending the relationship

Trust has always been the foundation upon which healthy relationships are built; constantly lying, or running your partner’s trust can make it difficult to continue the relationship if you have been hurt or you hurt your partner deeply.

Meanwhile, when both people have shown genuine sorry for the breach of trust, and there are rooms wherein both people can communicate about why the breach happened and how to avoid that, there might be a chance to rebuild the relationship. You should also agree to be open with one another from now on. 

2. If you both are willing to work and get back together

To fix a relationship, both couples are required to put in the effort for it to work. This is why even if you are ready and excited to fix the relationship with your ex, it is also crucial that your ex wants the same thing, and you both aren’t forcing things.

If you and your ex are both ready to try the relationship again, you can take things slowly and follow all the necessary steps to get the relationship working again.

3. If you and your ex have changed for the better

Even if breaking up with your partner can hurt you severely, it is important to remember that breakups mostly occur because of genuine reasons. Even though love of interest and infidelity are the most common reasons for ending relationships, sometimes, a personality clash can be the reason to end a relationship.

How Long Is Too Late to Get Your Ex Back?

Others include being with a partner who is unwilling to compromise or someone who finds it difficult to show affection, among many other reasons that can cause a rift within the relationship and result in a breakup.

4. If the relationship can be fixed

Another reason why you might want to get back together with your ex is if the relationship can be fixed. Breaking up with your partner can be a chance for you to think critically about all that happened.

Having realized that hard work, patience, and some other virtues can help mend your relationship, we advise it is a good sign to consider restoring your former relationship. 

Final Thought

There is no specific time frame wherein it is considered too late to mend things and get back with your former partner. You should try getting your ex back as long as you are sure of what you want, ready to commit, patient, and can let go of hard feelings. No time is too late to get your ex back. 

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