Answers on Why My Husband Bites Me?

Affection and intimacy appear in many forms. Cuddling, spooning, kissing, and hickeys are all different types of it. You and your husband possess several ways to show love to each other. You may stroke their hair when they are sleeping, you may compliment your husband, or at times you may even make their favorite food for dinner. 

All these different actions are signs of affection and care. Your husband will also return such actions, as his way of expressing love to you. 

However, if your husband has recently started biting you, or perhaps you are just curious why does your husband bite you? 

Then I am here to tell you that biting is a sign of strong affection. Your husband may bite or nibble your body parts to show love to you.

Now there are multiple reasons why your husband is biting you out of affection. 

So, the best way to find out why exactly does your husband bites you is to simply ask him upright. But if you want some fun trying to figure it out then below are six reasons to help you get your answer. 

Let us get going!

  • He finds you super cute

Your husband might bite you because he finds you excessively cute. He does not know how to put it into words; hence he bites you. This is normally termed as “cute aggression.” 

As weird as it sounds, it is legitimate.

According to research conducted by psychologists of Yale University, it is proven that the desire to bit or squeeze anything an individual finds really cute *emphasis on really cute* is a neurochemical reaction. 

This neurochemical reaction is the brain’s way to prevent us from getting too distracted or overwhelmed. Therefore, we resort to biting, commonly. See it is science! 

Moreover, if he clings on to you with his bites then this means he truly wants you in his life. As they say, actions do speak louder than words. Am I right or am I right?                                                            

  • He wants to be playful 

Men have a natural habit of being playful when they are in the act. This way they spice things up in bed. So, to add a little bit of playfulness, they will bite you. 

Psychologists say this is a classic animal instinct. Biting different body parts of their partner often creates physical tension like sucking fingers do. 

If you are enjoying it, then it is a safe hypothesis that he will too. So, start biting him too. In addition, your husband feels like they are dominating you and are in control. Which further boosts their sexual desire. 

  • It turns him on 

Biting your soft body turns your husband on. He likes the way your skin feels between his teeth. It boosts his sexual energy, and he assumes that you are enjoying it too. If it is hurting, you then stop him right then. However, if you like it and are enjoying it as well then let him have the control.

However, sometimes your husband may get carried away and start biting too hard. Although sometimes pain does increase a person’s sexual energy furthermore. So, if you are into aggressive bites, then let him know.

The majority of the people are turned on by soft nibbles and bites. However, if you are not into it, then let your partner know. 

  • He marks you as his

Another classic territorial and animal instinct. Men often bite or leave bite marks on their women because they love the feeling of leaving a mark on them. In a way, they are healthily possessive of you. It declares you as theirs. 

Just like most women like to scratch the back of men to leave marks. Mn likes giving love bites. Moreover, Love bites represent a steamy night. 

  • He relies on you

Weirdly, biting is a way of showing reliance on their partner. Your husband trusts you enough, and he really needs you. 

Henceforth, if your husband has been distant lately or super stressed and his biting has become a habit then this is a sign that he needs you. So, make him feel comfortable and let him open up to you. 

  • He thinks you taste good

If your husband bites and smells you quite often then he believes you taste good. Which in my opinion is a good thing? He thinks you smell and taste good enough to have a taste of you randomly in routine.

If you were not so delicious then he would not put his mouth anywhere near you.

So Now You Know Why He Bites You 🙂

Your husband bites you out of love. Some people like it, and some do not. Some men are turned on by it, and even some women are too. However, if you are not into biting but your husband has a habit of biting, as a way to express his love to you. Then it is best that you sit him down and talk about it. Let him know if it hurts you, or he bites too hard. Create some boundaries and have some conditions. If you are not enjoying it at all then it is completely okay to say no.

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