Although, there is no fixed timing about the duration between meeting a girl and asking her out, however, it is better to be too soon than too late. Well, although easier said than done, this can be very tricky and even dilemmatic, especially if it is your first shot.

Considering the various things that must be considered before popping the big question, a lot of guys find themselves asking the question, “how soon is too soon to ask a girl out?” Before answering the question, when you meet a girl as a guy, or you meet a guy as a girl, both parties should focus on knowing each other. 

It is not proper to rush into asking a girl out. Apart from that, how do you know she likes you to the extent of giving in for a relationship trial? So you see, knowing yourselves is very important.

Now, answering the question, “how soon is too soon to ask a girl out?” In appropriate situations, you should only ask a girl out after a minimum of two weeks of meeting her. 

Within this period, you would have got enough time to know her more. However, in situations where you envisage that you may not get to see her in a while, you can move the timing forward. 

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Factors To Consider Before Asking A Girl Out

There are certain factors that you need to put into consideration before asking a girl out. Among all these factors, number three seems much more worthy of note. Therefore, it will be enlightening for you to read it until the end. Below are some factors you should consider before asking a girl out.

1. How long have you met her and been together?

Please do not confuse this with how long you have known her. You only girl to know who a girl is when you meet and have some talking with her. 

Before asking a girl out, you must have been together and seen each other consistently for up to one week or two weeks. Anything longer than that, she may develop the notion that you have only come to make friends with her. 

2. How much she likes you and how happy she is to be with you

Before you ask a girl out, you should constantly monitor her expression whenever you say that the two of you meet together. There is also a need to decipher how much she likes you.  A girl that likes you and is always excited to meet with you has much more tendency to give in to your request. How do you know a girl likes you? Let us check a few lists below.

1. She becomes nervous whenever she is around you.

2. She shows you to her friends and possibly lets you know some family members.

3. On days that she cannot meet up, she picks up another date immediately.

4. She often looks for ways to make you smile.

5. When the two of you are together in a group, she tends to focus more on you.

6. She enjoys staying on calls with you, especially at night.

 These are just a few ways to know if a girl likes you. However, if she shows any character that connotes that she likes you, go ahead and ask her out.

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Where Can You Ask A Girl Out?

You can ask a girl out through many mediums. These include sending a text, casual meet-ups, parties, and so on. However, the most common way that is assumed effective is through dates.

In addition, asking a girl out on a date requires that you are careful about how she feels then. There are some things you should not do as a guy so you won’t jeopardize that date.

Before then, some may already be thinking, “it’s not ideal to ask a girl out on the first date. The first date focuses on knowing each other.” Yes, you can decide to ask your girl out on the second or third date.

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Actions That Can Jeopardize Your Date

1. Gazing at other ladies rather than focusing on her

Gazing at some other ladies that pass by may arouse jealousy, which may negatively affect the ongoing discussion. This may even make her uncomfortable talking to you.

2. Talking about your ex 

Put yourself in her shoes. You also will not like it when she talks about her ex in your presence. Talking about your ex in her presence makes it look like you have not gone over with her. Hence, ensure not to talk about your ex in any way.

3. Talking about sex

If it is a girl who is only interested in being with you for the long term, you should not mention a word related to sex, especially when you intend to ask her out. Talking about sex makes her think you are in a relationship just because of sex. 

4. Showing up late and constantly checking your phone

As simple as these may look, they could affect the success of your meet-up, which may disavow your opportunity to ask her out. 

Do not show up late for a date, especially when there is a set time. You should be the one to ensure the table is well set and paid for before she arrives.

In addition, consistently checking your phone makes it look like you do not have enough time for her. So, try to keep your phone on airplane mode or silent mode. 

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When Should You Ask A Girl Out?

While in some situations, it may be too soon to ask a girl out, in other situations, it may be too late to ask a girl out. For emphasis, there are lots of other guys out there eyeing that particular girl you love. 

If you are too slow with asking her out, she may eventually give in for a trial. Also, if you are too fast, she may feel you only want to take advantage of her and decide to let go of you. Therefore, deciding when you ask a girl out may be quite a task, but it is essential to note.

There is no unique timing about when to ask a girl out. However, there is always a need to have the right timing. It is much easier for you to pop the question when she is elated. 

So, giving a clear view of why I mentioned “It may be quite a task”, you should target the moment she is excited, and at the same time, ensure it is not too early and too late.

Tips on How To Ask A Girl Out

Some guys take quite a long to ask a girl out. This is probably due to fear of receiving a rebuking response, not having boldness, or not knowing how to ask a girl out.

As stated earlier, before a guy can ask a girl out, there must have been some extent of the relationship between the two parties. This includes knowing important details about themselves. Here is the proper way to ask a girl out:

1. Get her attention

This is undoubtedly the most important factor. You may want to ask why it is the most important. As a person, if you cannot successfully get the attention of that girl, there is every possibility that she would not want to give in to your ask.

Hence, it is pertinent to ensure you get her full attention. Some may ask, “How do I get that beautiful girl’s attention?”

Let us quickly highlight some proven methods to get a girl’s attention.

  1. Converse her with confidence.
  2. Look for means to be with her always.
  3. On some occasions, make straight eye-to-eye contact.
  4. Make the conversation interesting.
  5. Ask about her welfare and show that you care about her wellbeing.

2. Pop the question with confidence

You may develop some form of phobia, not because you are not bold, but because you are afraid of what her response will be. 

Notwithstanding, go ahead and pop the question. If you do not do so early enough and it becomes late, you may be kept in the friendship zone. 

3. Make your intentions clear

Let her know why you are asking her out, and do not beat about the bush. Make it straight and plain.

Is It Necessary To Dress Corporate When Asking A Girl Out?

 When it comes to knowing what is best to wear when asking a girl out, you don’t have to dress in a suit. You can also consider going for a simple shirt and a pair of trousers. 

 It is pertinent to ensure that you are smartly dressed, including the shoes you put on. Oftentimes, when you are about to ask a girl out, she checks out your outfit and uses that to judge you immediately.

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Undoubtedly, every guy has to go through a process of conversation with a girl before a close relationship is established between them.

Asking a girl out at the right time, in terms of timing and mood is very important for a successful meeting. So, when you ask a girl out, ensure it is not too soon or too late, ensure she is always excited when the two of you meet together, and importantly, clearly state your intention.

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