If you have decided, a casual, intimate relationship is ideal for you. Then the next step is to find an FWB. There are several places you can find ideal friends with benefits partners, such as bars, dating platforms, and even social media platforms like Facebook.

Facebook is a social media platform that has connected several successful relationships. People have built romantic relationships, strong friends, and successful FWBs on the platform.

This article is a detailed guide on 15 steps to find FWB on Facebook.

15 Steps to Find FWB on Facebook

Do you want to find a friend with benefit on Facebook? Finding an FWB on Facebook is easy with the right strategies. Below are sure-proof steps on how to find FWB on Facebook.

1. Revamp your Facebook profile and make your profile attractive

The first step to finding an ideal FWB on Facebook is to make your Facebook profile attractive. Revamp your profile by adding all the relevant details, such as your full name, an attractive bio, location, education details, etc.

Ensure to add every piece of information about you that a potential FWB would find interesting. You would make a good first impression on a potential FWB with a revamped and attractive profile.

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2. Add an attractive profile picture

You should add an attractive profile picture to make a lasting impact on a potential FWB when they visit your Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile picture should clearly show your face and other attractive features of your body.

Consider showing a bit more of your skin, but be careful not to overdo it. Revealing a little more skin will help create the aura that you are adventurous and possibly attract an FWB.

3. Be exciting and accommodating

After revamping your profile and adding an attractive profile picture, the next step is to make your profile exciting and accommodating. Post attractive pictures and nice write ups to keep your Facebook account lively and exciting.

4. Join “FWBs” groups on Facebook

When you are done working on your Facebook account, you are sure it is attractive. The next step is to begin your hunt for an FWB. This can be done by joining friends-with-benefits Facebook groups. FWBs Facebook groups consist of people who share the same interest; thus, you might likely find FWB in these groups.

5. Join “FWB” pages on Facebook

Aside from Facebook groups, you should also search friends-with-benefits Facebook pages. Follow the FWB pages that come up as your search results. Similar to FWB pages, you can find potential FWB partners on “FWB” Facebook pages.

6. Drop nice posts

The next step is to create nice and related posts. You can make posts about your hobbies, controversial topics, or anything people would likely relate to. You can also decide to drop nicely taken pictures as posts on the groups. By doing this, you would likely attract an FWB.

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7. Drop thoughtful comments on posts

Aside from making relevant posts, you should also drop thoughtful comments on posts in the FWB groups. This would help you build a name in these groups or pages. Besides, you never can tell; your ideal FWB might be in the comments section.

8. Make a list of possible FWBs

After being in these friends-with-benefits groups for a while, you should already have seen some people within your location who could be your possible friends-with-benefits. Make a list of people you find attractive that could be possible friends-with-benefits.

9. Choose someone you are sexually attracted to

After making a list, you should narrow down the number of people you have marked out as your possible FWBs. Then, select someone you find appealing and sexually attractive. Choosing someone whose interests align with yours and within your location is pivotal.

10. Engage with them

If you have chosen someone you would like to have an FWB relationship with, I advise you first establish some sort of bond before sending them messages. React to their pictures, drop thoughtful comments on their posts, and engage meaningfully with their updates.

10. Establish communication

Slide into your potential friends with benefits and establish a healthy communication path. Discuss common interests or anything you both can relate to.

You can use a picture they upload as a ground to send them a message. Send them a message commenting on their most recent photo upload; that should be a conversation starter.

11. Tell them your intention

The next step is to take things further. Send your potential FWB a message stating clearly the type of relationship you want to establish. You can say something like ” Hey, I think you are really attractive and fun. I’m thinking we could be intimate partners, rather than dating.”

Ensure to be straightforward and clearly state that you are looking for an FWB arrangement and are not interested in formal dating. Give reasons why you think the FWB situation is ideal for you both.

12. Discuss boundaries

After reaching an agreement with your new FWB, the next step is to discuss boundaries. When do we call each other? Are you allowed to text? Can you both hang out in public? Friends-with-benefits relationships are casual arrangements, and to maintain that, there is a need to follow certain rules.

Setting boundaries for FWB relationships and following these boundaries will help maintain your arrangement. It reduces the tendency of you or your FWB developing feelings for the other person.

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13. Choose where and when to meet

Where are you going to meet when hooking up? Is it at your place, their place, or a hotel? Deciding on the ideal meeting place that you both are comfortable with is important to make the arrangement work. Also, deciding on when to meet is as valid as deciding on a place.

14. Discuss who ought to know

In every relationship, including casual, trust is crucial. To make your FWB work, there is a need for mutual understanding and trust. Most successful FWB arrangements are built on “discretion.”

To make your FWB relationship work, discuss with your FWB who should and shouldn’t know about your FWB arrangement. You should not go about publicizing the arrangement, especially if your FWB asks for secrecy.

15. Have fun

Friends-with-benefits relationships are arranged with the main aim of having an intimate relationship with no strings attached. After finding an ideal friends-with-benefits partner and making everything about your arrangement clear.

The next step is to have fun and get satisfied sexually. Tell each other your sexual fantasies and have fun under the bedsheets. Besides, that is what fan relationships are about.

There you have it, above is a detailed guide on how to find FWB on Facebook. Aside from Facebook, you can also find FWBs on other social media platforms. Below are other websites where you can find FWBs.

5 Other Dating Platforms to Find FWB

Having looked at how to find FWB on Facebook, here are other platforms to find an ideal FWB partner.

1. Tinder

One of the leading dating sites available today is Tinder. Several profiles on this site are available for hookups and FWB arrangements. If you are looking for an ideal friends-with-benefits partner, register on the site, and begin swiping through possible matches.

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a hookup site with millions of active users. The site records numerous visitors monthly. Most users on the platform are for hookups and FWB relationships. You can create an account and sign up for free on AdultFriendFinder. After joining the website, you can browse through several available FWB options and connect with someone you find attractive.


3. OkCupid

Another website to search for a possible friends-with-benefits match is OkCupid. This is a popular dating app with about 50 million users; your ideal FWB partner might be among these users.

You can input the type of relationship you are looking for on the site, which in this case is “FWB relationships.” And the search result will present you with several possible options. OkCupid is the perfect dating site for people looking for hookups and casual relationships

4. Down

Down is one of the perfect online platforms for finding FWBs. It is a straightforward site that directly allows you to tell your match the type of relationship you are looking for. With this app, you can easily connect with the right match, which is why we think it is the ideal website for finding FWBs.

5. Wild

Check out the “Wild” platform to find an ideal friends-with-benefits partner. Wild is an app for finding all types of relationships — romantic relationships, hookups, and casual relationships. Due to its numerous filters, you can easily find your ideal FWB partner on the website.

Can I Find FWB on Instagram?

Yes, you can find an FWB partner on Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to interact, follow, and connect with different people.

On Instagram, you can build different connections, make friends, meet FWBs partners, etc.

To find an FWB partner on Instagram, consider sending potential FWBs direct messages clearly stating what you want.


Friends-with-benefits arrangements are really exciting and fun, especially with the right partner. Finding ideal FWBs should not be a hassle with the right strategies. Above are the detailed steps on how to find FWB on Facebook. Follow the laid-out steps in this article, and you should find your ideal friends-with-benefits partner before you know it.

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