Cuddling is indeed an integral part of most intimate relationships. However, for FWB, the story is always different since both parties are usually in just to satisfy their sexual cravings.

Just like you may already know, the time spent in cuddling is usually a sensitive moment to share some pleasurable memories, say romantic things to each other, and disclose some top secrets.

So, perhaps you are in an FWB relationship and may be wondering or asking what it means when your FWB wants to cuddle. It is simple, your FWB has finally fallen in love with you, and they are ready to spend more intimate time with you cuddling instead of just having fun.

Do you want to know more about everything involved when your FWB wants to cuddle? If yes, read on as we unravel everything you need to know about cuddling with your FWB and everything in between.

What Does FWB Entail?

Some people mix up the meaning of FWB with that of dating. FWB simply means friends with benefits. You may be trying to figure out if such relationship status is something you’ll be able to explore.

However, it is pertinent to understand the whole concept of what friends with benefits entail to avoid any issues in the long run.

Even though there is a widespread belief that an FWB relationship necessarily involves sex, physical intimacy between two people occurs in a friendship-with-benefits (FWB) relationship even when there is no other type of commitment between them.

In such a relationship, both parties enjoy spending time with each other, but there are no romantic or binding commitments.

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What Does It Mean When Your FWB Wants To Cuddle?

As an answer to the big question, when your FWB begins to show interest in cuddling, this is a red flag that the relationship, which was meant to satisfy each other’s sexual cravings, is gradually transcending to something else.

So, when you begin to observe this from your friend with benefit, you should stand your ground by reminding them that the whole idea behind your relationship is sexual gratification.

It then also follows that when you give room to cuddling either before or after an intimate activity, it is more likely that you’ll start telling each other about the things that are outside the purview of your FWB relationship.

This ultimately entails that the relationship will soon grow into something more serious and intimate than what it was meant to be.

Is It Normal to Cuddle With FWB?

No, it is not okay to cuddle with your FWB, especially when the idea is strict to satisfy each other’s desire for fun. However, it is pertinent always to define your goals for having a friend with benefits.

This helps you take the right step at the right time. There are situations where the agreement between friends with benefits is just bordered around sex only, while in other cases, a sense of love and affection may begin to set in.

So, giving a straight answer regarding whether to cuddle with your FWB or not, you can cuddle with your FWB if, in the long run, both of you begin to develop an intimate relationship, which may lead to intimate activities.

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Does Cuddling Lead To Intimate Feelings?

There are many possible ways through which cuddling leads to feelings. Cuddling seems like a way of showing affection to someone you love.

During cuddling, there is often body contact, which produces hormones that ignite love feelings. Are you wondering what this hormone is? It is known as oxytocin.

So, yes, cuddling can lead to feelings in some cases. For instance, keeping yourself tightly close in the arms of your own FWB can result in physical and emotional closeness.

The lingering question remains, “does cuddling lead to feeling?” No exact illustration gives a clear insight into this topic of interest. However, concerning what is expected and what has been, a man or woman does not cuddle with someone he has no feelings for or intimate contact with.

6 Signs That Your Friends With Benefit Experience May Take Another Form

Some people believe that a friend-with-benefits relationship should normally not exceed two months. With this regard, you may begin to notice your FWB relationship exceeds the generalized two months timeline.

In this section, certain signs may hint to at the possibility of extension in your FWB relationship. Let us look at some of them below.

1. They start leaving things at your house

It is possible to forget some of your stuff at your FWB’s house. However, if there is a continual increase in the rate of things being forgotten, it may be a clear sign that your friends with benefits want more than being friends.

In such cases, they purposely forget some of their stuff to come back mainly for you, not really what they forgot.

2. You see your FWB partner more than two times a week

It is generally believed that interactions and intimacy between FWBs should not exceed two times a week.

Following this trend, if you notice that you always want to see your FWB partner around you, it means you may have fallen in love with your FWB partner already.

3. They always want to know more about you and your family

The main motive behind FWB is just for personal intimacies which do not need to involve other family members.

However, in situations whereby your FWB partner has started telling you about situations in their family or encouraging you both to go and see other family members, you should understand that the FWB relationship has graduated to another level of affection.

4. You cancel plans with friends to hang out with your FWB

Hanging out with an FWB partner is another sign that the relationship has proceeded to a higher stage.

Certainly, it is somewhat impossible to hang out with someone and not want to know more about who the person is or the general life situations of such a person.

5. You claim to be taken or engaged

This may sound funny. You may not be conscious of it in some cases, but if you claim taken, referring to an FWB partner whenever someone tries to woo you, the FWB relationship may have finally graduated to affection.

6. Hesitation to acknowledge being together

It is often expected to say no whenever someone asks if you are in a relationship with your FWB partner. However, hesitation may imply that you are into your FWB partner.

Can Guys Cuddle Without Feelings?

A good question, especially, when it comes to having feelings, is, “Is it possible for a man to hug the opposite sex without having any form of feelings?” The truth is that it is not possible.

Even though some men do not just want to cuddle with any woman, others see it as an opportunity to get closer to women and get their attention.

Therefore, they do not mind whether it is a simple hug. They simply perceive the circumstance as a chance to approach women. Every chance they get to touch you could be viewed as a chance for intimacy.

They are interested in cuddling and desire to snuggle with each girl they meet, even if they are not in love with a specific woman.

Most guys do this because they think getting a close hug will lead to more physical contact. They might want to be your bed partner in this circumstance.

What Does Cuddling Look or Feel Like?

There are different forms cuddling may take. Cuddling is just a shared experience that creates a connection between two partners. Below are a few forms of cuddling.

1. Sitting close together and facing each other

There is always a romantic connection when partners look into each other’s eyes. Often, when they sit and face each other, there is the possible creation of eye-to-eye contact, which is connected to the heart.

In other cases, they may just place their hands on each other’s knees while they continue their love declarations.

2. Putting your head on his chest

This is another form of cuddling that greatly triggers a higher degree of affection. As a woman, whenever a man positions you closer to his heart, both figuratively and physically, he tries to tell you that he cares for you.

He wants you to be comfortable with him and should protect you innately, if not subconsciously. Since you are lying on his chest, this position can promote tenderness and intimacy with your partner. This is a position that bodes well.

3. Mutual limb knots

You are lying on a bed or sofa, wrapped around each other. You cannot seem to understand where it ends or how it began. This type of hug is classified as romantic. He is not sure what he wants, but he wants you there.

Tying a mutual limb means you are wrapped around each other, either on a bed or on a sofa. Mostly, you cannot seem to understand where it ends and where it begins. This form of cuddle may be referred to as a romantic hug.

The guy may not be sure of what he wants at that moment, but one thing is sure, he wants you to be there at that time.


Cuddling is a good, interesting, and romantic experience. It is also during this period that some people open up their hearts to the other partner and show their extent of affection. On a general basis, cuddling is mostly for people in a committed relationship with each other.

The main motive behind friends with benefits is a share of sex experience and possibly financial assistance. However, when a situation arises where your friend with benefits wants to cuddle, it means that they are overly interested in you.

In such cases, you can decide if you want them to remain friends with benefits or proceed to a higher stage of love and affection.

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