Why My Boyfriend Wants to Kiss Me? [Answered by Relationship Advisor]

A kiss can be the next step in a relationship. A kiss is a form of affection in a relationship, though it can be confusing. You can be affectionate towards a person and love them. You could be affectionate towards a person, and yet not love them. A kiss does not necessarily mean that your partner is in love with you.

If you have not had your first date kiss or your first kiss at all, then you might be wondering why your boyfriend wants to kiss you. Your head is rambling with questions that are doubting your relationship. Assuming your boyfriend is just physically attracted to you, or he does not love you?

For some, a kiss is a big thing, but for others, it is not. If you believe that things are going too fast, then it is for best that you simply just tell him to wait till you are okay with the idea of kissing. Or if are okay with the whole kissing situation but are curious why your boyfriend wants to kiss you then you might be reluctant to ask him straight up. You may not know how he will react or, he will feel about your question.

Therefore, it can be essential to find out in this article to magnify the issue and top reasons on why the guy is interested in kissing you. This article will shed light on if he is in love with you or likes you, or just attracted, or just have a sexual drive towards you.

Top Reasons on Why Your Boyfriend Wants to Kiss You:

So, before your last option is to be outright with him, let us dive into a few possibilities of why your boyfriend wants to kiss you:

#1 He likes you

Guys are more physically affectionate than most girls. It is in their biology. So, when a man falls in love with you or has started to like you, he will initiate a kiss to show her how much she means to him.

Some men will give you a goodbye kiss after your first date, and that indicates that he likes you and is ready to take you on more dates to get to know you better. If you are interested and desire to see where things go then you may give him a signal that it is okay to kiss you.

You can figure out with his words, emotions, and physical stance if he really likes you or just got driven by the hormonal drive to kiss you. As if the guy is considering your thoughts, decision, and trying to make you happy or comfortable rather than just making the whole situation worst by forced kissing.

#2 He is physically attracted to you

Your boyfriend might be physically attracted to you. When he kisses you, he could be expecting to take things further to the next level and his kiss is a sign that he is ready. Though this does not mean that you are supposed to be ready to take things further just because he is ready.

You are allowed to take your time. If you are looking for something serious or just casual, then you should inform your intentions. Plain physical attraction does not mean he is in love with you or likes you.

#3 Just ask him outright

No one can answer your question as well as your boyfriend. It is completely normal to be hesitant at first but if the question “why my boyfriend wants to kiss me” is truly bothering you then, asking him straight up will help you both figure things out. This will clear any foggy thoughts you have about him in your head. Furthermore, you will be able to take your relationship further, after talking about it. You both will be on the same page, and what is better than a doubtless relationship!

If you want to play safe, then you probably will not get an answer to your question. Your boyfriend might not straight out ask you if he could kiss you either. It could be because he is shy or confused about your feelings for him.

Signs to look out in Boyfriend if he wants to have a kiss

Many signs strongly suggest that your boyfriend wants to kiss you. All the signs are closely related to his body language. If your boyfriend does want to kiss you. Hence, look out for these simple signs:

  • Your boyfriend might invade our personal space excessively
  • He might stare at your lips when you are talking
  • He might initiate physical touch, like hold your hands
  • He often leans towards you while standing
  • He gazes a lot at you and smiles
  • He stares into your eyes a lot 
  • He stays extra for a minute or two after you have said your goodbyes

In Conclusion

A kiss redefines the relationship and takes you from doing innocent relationship things to a more intimate, emotional and doing more couple things. If it feels right, then there is no reason to wait. Kiss him first or give a green signal that you allow him to kiss you. You do not need to define your relationship, instantly. Take things slow and steady. If you feel confident enough then ask your boyfriend, why he wants to kiss you.

His response will help you decide if you want to kiss him back or no. If you are still uncertain about asking him then simply notice his body language. The signs mentioned above will surely aid your thought process. However, as long as it feels right, then you both are good to go!

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